Thursday, April 05, 2012

Islamic Republic Hardline Daily, Kayhan, Delighted at Galloway's Victory

George Galloway's victory at Bradford West was welcomed by most Islamic Republic news websites, as a victory for the champion of Palestinians and Muslims in Britain, without a dickie bird mention of Galloway's past allegiance with Saddam and Uday Hussein or his pussy cat performance at the Big Brother.

The ultra hardline Kayhan run by the former Evin prison interrogator, Hossein Shariatmadari, went a step further however and expressed hope that Livingstone will also become the next London Mayor and Lauren Booth be the first veiled woman MP in UK's parliament.

Translation of the Kayhan article:
"Defeat of Labour Party by Press TV Presenter in 'Mid-election' special report

Press TV presenter wins the 'mid-election' parliamentary seat in one
of English constituencies

Press TV reports, that despite having been removed from Sky satellite
and viewers having been deprived from viewing it, George Galloway, one
of its presenters has won the Bradford West seat in the UK parliament

George Galloway the candidate for Respect Party won a landslide in
Bradford West. He won by 18000 votes, more than 10,000 than his
defeated Labour rival.

Some of Galloway's supporters have contacted Press TV and expressed
their hopes that Ken Livingstone will also win the next mayoral
elections. Livingstone was criticised by some of UK media for having
worked regularly with Press TV.

Some have also suggested that Lauren Booth another Press TV presenter
should also be encouraged to stand as a candidate in the UK
parliamentary elections and become
the first female veiled MP in UK's legislative body
OFCOM, in the beginning of the Western calendar annulled Press TV's
broadcast permit and in a questionable action without any credible
reply to the questions posed by the board of Press TV, removed Press
TV's broadcasts from Sky services"

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Waybec said...

Galloway's political convinctions are about as trustworthy as his marriage and fadelity ones! In otherwords he's nothing but a dick waving male machismo ego who's faith and faithfulness can be brought and sold depending upon how well it serve's is own selfish and smug peccadilloes!