Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Pep Guardiola was 'Sacked' According to IR State TV

I was quite pleased with the global attention my previous post on Jamali Fashi's fake passport received. Hopefully it gave a little taster to people around the world that not only the Islamic Republic is a brutal regime but that it is also an incompetent establishment which lies through its dentures.

Here is another disclosure which will appeal to the football fans:

According to the 20:30 program, which is widely thought to be the production of Islamic Republic intelligence services, Pep Guardiola, the legendary F.C Barcelona coach, did not leave for personal reasons to have a break. He was, according to whoever makes this ideological propaganda 20:30 program, removed by the Zionist lobbies.  Of course! who else to blame for the loss of such a legendary coach to turn millions of football fans against Israel, but the Zionist lobby.

But why would the Zionist lobby 'sack' Guardiola? Watch the video @1:03 you see some other player lift his team shirt to reveal the words Palestine written on it. This player is not Guardiola but he looks like him from a distance and if he is shown quickly, some may believe it is Guardiola. I am sure this will include the "useful idiots" in the West who support the religious apartheid in Iran.

Case shut and closed. Guardiola is a campaigner for the Palestinian cause and so despite his legendary successes with Barcelona, the Zionist lobby decided to eliminate him.

Here is a footage of Guardiola arriving happily in Israel. A trip which angered many Arabs:

"They consider telling lies the most disgraceful than anything else, and next to that is owing money" - Herodotus on Ancient Iranians.


Waybec said...

Don't worry - if you're against the Iranian Regime, everyting nowadays is a Zionist plot. Just like THEIR 'Islamophobia' is now apparently a colonial one! Again such Comments are the mainstay on PressTV's Web pages these days. They even printed one that said the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was a Zionist front! HA! Just goes to show that if you don't jump into bed with Stalin Khamenei or can't win over 3 quarters of the Egyptian population with Religion in politics, than sulky paranoia, pathetic propaganda and bully boy inanities within theocratic tyrannies really do run the show!

Juniper in the Desert said...

It looked more like a black or north African player.

Azarmehr said...

Its actually Kanouté
see personal life section