Thursday, May 03, 2012

Paedophile Diplomat and the Regime's Contempt for Dancing

When the Islamic Republic diplomat, Hekmatollah Ghorbani, was caught abusing children in a Brazilian swimming pool, the knee jerk reaction by the Islamic regime was all too predictable. First of all it was interpreted by the FMA as a misunderstanding and a "cultural difference" and then when they realised no amount of "cultural difference" can justify molesting children in a swimming pool in front of their parents, it was decided to say it was yet another Zionist plot.

When they realised the Zionist plot conspiracy theory was making them look even more stupid and even their Brazilian friends were not buying that crap, eventually they decided that perhaps its just as well to say this was one bad apple in an Islamic garden full of piety and Godly devotions.

Hekmatollah Ghorbani, the pedo-diplomat, then became a leverage tool in the factional fighting.  The hardline Ya Letharat newspaper carried a full page article yesterday with the heading, "About the Scandal at the Mixed Swimming Pool" and asked this revealing question "What else can one expect from the FMA,  when another Iranian diplomat's son is going to dance classes?"

Going to dance classes and taking dance lessons by some serving Iranian diplomat's son is regarded by the sick minds of the hardliners in Iran as being the equivalent of an envoy of the country dipping in the swimming pool and molesting little children!

"Cultural Invasion" a term often referred to by the regime against any independent source of information is in fact a term which should be applied to the post-1979 rulers of Iran. For the Islamic Republic is in fact a "cultural invasion" of Iran.

While it is unclear what punishment if any will be applied to the pedophile diplomat, there have been reports that a young girl by the name of Solmaz who won a dance talent competition on one of Persian speaking satellite TVs was arrested at the airport when she entered Iran and taken to Evin prison. Solmaz is now free on bail but inmates have been saying Solmaz was dancing herself all the time and teaching others how to dance, even when she was in prison. That is the Iranian spirit and the joyous culture, that has preserved Iran from numerous foreign invasions, is the "cultural difference" between the people of Iran and the  turban clad clerics who are currently in power in Iran.

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