Thursday, May 17, 2012

"I will Kill Shahin Najafi" - Abdolreza Helali

"Maddah" is a difficult word to translate into English. There is no equivalent profession I have come across outside Iran. A panegyrist or a eulogist are the dictionary translations but are not full descriptions of the job. Maddahs have good voices and they recite/sing poetry/songs praising the Shiite saints. They are like the DJs in a religious warehouse party that get the crowds going into a frenzy of ecstasy.

Perhaps its best to watch this video of one of the famous Maddahs at work and understand this profession. Watch Abdolreza Helali:

Yesterday, following one fatwa after another by the Grand Ayatollahs, Safi Golpayegani, Makarem Shirazi, Alavi Gorgani and Malekooti to kill the Iranian rapper, Shahin Najafi for singing a rap song in which he is addressing the Shiite Imam Naghgi to take notice of what is going on in Iran, the same Maddah above, Abdolreza Helali publicly pledged that he will kill Shahin Najafi.

Helali's pledge came after Shia-online website put up a reward of $100,000 for anyone who kills Shahin Najafi.

Here is Abdolreza Helali, in a video footage which was released a few years ago, smoking something and flirting with a woman who is not his wife:

Those who wear their piety on their sleeves are normally the most corrupt on earth.

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The lady in the video is his wife