Monday, May 28, 2012

Regime Hypocrisy for Martyrs

Martyrs, Martyrs, Martyrs! Thats all you hear from the regime's propaganda machines. Everything is justified by just mentioning the word martyrs. If dissidents are imprisoned it is for the martyrs, if protesters are killed, it is for the martyrs, if newspapers are closed, it is for the martyrs, if the election candidates are hand picked, it is for the martyrs, if the dictatorship continues, it is for the martyrs.

Of course respect for our martyrs who stood up to the Saddam invasion is a must, but the truth is if they were alive today, they would have stood up to the tyranny and the hypocrisy of the Islamic Republic. Many of the children of the martyrs are now in prison and many openly oppose the regime.

This footage from Iranian state TV, sums up how much the regime cares for the martyrs. Laying flowers on the graves of the martyrs on the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr is a noble act, but not if they are immediately removed and probably sold after the cameras have gone.

This footage below, sums up the false shop front window of the IR propaganda for the martyrs:

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