Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Rouhani as the Nobel Peace Prize Candidate

The nomination of Hassan Rouhani as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize by the Guardian's Saeed Kamali-Dehghan, reminded me of the nomination of Ayatollah Khalkhali for the Iranian Majlis elections, by Iran's Soviet puppet Communist Party (Tudeh Party),  after the 1979 revolution.

More than three decades ago, the Tudeh Party, Iran's Soviet backed Communist Party, or as the party leaders liked to refer to their outfit in their publications, "Iran Workers Leading Progressive Party", nominated the mad Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali as one of their parliamentary candidates for his "uncompromising stand against US imperialism".

Khalkhali was a mad henchman, who strangled kittens in his youth as a hobby. Ayatollah Khomeini appointed Khalkhali as his first Revolutionary Chief of Justice in 1979. Khalkhali quickly gained notoriety with his summary executions, Haj Mehdi Araghi, a bazaar merchant and the first governor of Qasr prison after the 1979 revolution, complained that "this guy [Khalkhali] executes people first and then makes up their charges" and when others also criticised Khalkhali's swift executions and suggested to him that he may be killing innocents, Khalkhali replied without showing any emotion "If they are innocent, then they will go to heaven, so what's the problem?".

One of Khalkhali's victims was a family friend who was arrested on his way to work, where an anti-government demonstration had taken place nearby. The family friend had nothing to do with the demonstration, his second child was born a few days earlier and all he thought about was raising his children.  He was killed without a trial, because Khalkhali had a quota to kill 100 people that day.

Khalkhali wrote in his memoirs, how he shot a 16 year old boy in cold blood. He said he was talking in the car with a friend and they were discussing how these counter-revolutionary groups should be dealt with; when right in the middle of their discussions, he saw a young teenager selling a Leftist newspaper. Khalkhali then pulled out his revolver and shot the boy dead, while calmly turning to his friend laughing and saying "thats how they should be dealt with". Such was the "progressive" anti-imperialist nature of the candidate nominated by "Iran Workers Leading Progressive Party"!

Three decades after, Saeed Kamali-Dehghan, a refugee Leftist journalist from the Islamic Republic, has nominated Hasan Rouhani for the Nobel Peace Prize candidate. The spirit of the Tudeh Party lives on in many of Iran's Leftist "intellectuals".

Saeed Kamali-Dehghan is also responsible for propagating the false story of a haemophiliac boy dying in Iran because of the medicine shortages that were caused by the sanctions.


nedmedia said...

Who they will nominate next; Bashar al Assad or Omar al Bashir?

Waybec said...

See - The Iranian Regime lobbyists have infiltrated the Western media and probably some political ranks too. Like most of us have always said, the Iranian Regime always get's it too cushty and treated with kid gloves on. Little wonder if their agents have enough clout and back pocket money to tell others to pull their public punches!