Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Daily Telegraph Nonsense of Iran Cyber Army Warfare Officer Assassination

The pure speculation, without any basis, by the Daily Telegraph regarding the death of an IRGC employee three weeks ago in Karaj, outside Tehran, was a typical media manufactured nonsense that just goes viral and the joe public then regard it as factual news.

It was not just speculation and conjecture, it was deliberate news engineering.

Contrary to the claims made by the authors of this fantasy news, Alborz news site is neither affiliated to IRGC nor did it ever change its story. There is also no bonafide "Facebook page of the officers of the Cyber War Headquarters . In fact when one of the authors was contacted regarding the story and asked where this Facebook page was, a url of a website was given, which again did not convey any such information as the Daily Telegraph story claimed.

Incredibly without any verification, the mass media picked up on the story, and since there was no meat on the story, it was all linked to the "assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists" etc. :))
The completely fabricated story then became the foundation material for much of "analysis". Shashanak Joshi, a fellow at the Royal United Services Institute(RUSI), for example wrote a whole load of claptrap on "Iran, the Mossad and the power of cyber-warfare". Only at some point, Joshi must have realised the original news is not that reliable. The paragraph below with a different font seems to have been inserted in the middle of the article, 'Details remain murky' as an after-thought in case it was later proved to be all nonsense.

But there is a difference between murky and fabricated and this story was totally fabricated. The commander of Iran Cyber Warfare would neither be known by name nor live in Mohamad-Shahr of Karaj. The assassination of a Cyber Warfare Commander would not be investigated by the police either. 

Ramezan Sahrif, the spokesperson for the IRGC told ISNA, that the death of Mojtaba Ahmadi was not as a result of an "assassination".

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