Thursday, October 17, 2013

Khomeini’s Grand-daughter Shuts Down her Facebook Page After Vulgar Joke about War Martyrs

Khomeini’s grand-daughter, Naeimeh Eshraghi, shut down her Facebook page, after a vulgar joke by her about Iran war martyrs, caused an uproar on the Iranian cyber space, notably amongst the children of war martyrs.

Two of Khomeini’s famous sayings during the war were:
“Revolutionary Guards should marry the widows of their fallen comrades, so as they were not left without guardianship” and “I wish I was a revolutionary guard”.

Word quickly spread that Naeemeh has left a comment via her Facebook account, saying 'sometimes we used to joke with our grand-father by combining the two statements “Revolutionary guards should marry the widows of their fallen comrades, so as they were not left without guardianship. I wish, I was a revolutionary guard” ‘

Son of Ibrahim Hemat, a distinguished war martyr, wrote “when the children of this country were being blown to bits with bullets, bombs and mortars, the leader of the country for whom many had sacrificed their lives, was making vulgar jokes..”

Faced with such a strong backlash and grasping at straws, Naeimeh Eshraghi, denied the comment was from her and claimed her Facebook account had been hacked. Those who had spotted her comment, before her Facebook page was closed, were adamant however that they had checked several times and it was definitely from her Facebook account.

Previously Naeimeh had got in trouble for photoshopping her daughter’s picture and exaggerating the award she had won. More recently Naeimeh had posted a picture posing with her red boots, saying how much her grand-father liked happy colours and hated the colour black, encouraging all the girls in the family to wear brighter colour dresses.

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