Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Extracts of the Supreme Leader's Speech to Baseej Hours Before Geneva Talks

Extracts from Supreme Leader’s speech to 50,000 Baseejis today, just hours before the Geneva talks:

"Is the Islamic regime after war with others? this is the statement that is heard from the mouth of the region's dog with rabies, i.e. the Zionist regime, that 'Iran is a threat to the world'. The ones that threaten the world are those who have brought nothing but evil for the world, like this very illegitimate Zionist regime"

"wherever there is a stage for the test of strengths, we should stand up to the enemy. Your will must overcome the will of the enemy.  Your resolve must overcome their resolve. In the battlefield of Jihad, any turning back and running away from the enemy is forbidden in Islam and in the Koran."

"Heroic flexibility is an artful manoeuvre to achieve the final goal"

"Any forward and backward move in the battlefield must be in line with the previously decided objectives"

"The animosities  of the Islamic rule are directed towards the world arrogance. The world arrogance thinks crimes against nations is permissible  Today the state of America is at the head of all global arrogance"

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