Thursday, November 21, 2013

They Murdered Love

The 17 year old Avian, an Iranian girl from the village of Hanjalieh in the Kurdish region, went out hiking and sightseeing with her brother and her fiance, outside the town of Baneh last Thursday.

On their way back, the Revolutionary Guards dressed in plain clothes, suspected the couple of being smugglers and opened fire on them without giving a prior warning.  The bullets hit Avian in her legs and in her back. She died two days later in hospital as a result of her injuries.

Avian and her fiance were due to get married today.

Avian's brother was allowed to be present during the autopsy. A Revolutionary Guard was also present during the autopsy and told him "Why are you so upset? We are in the holy month of Moharram. The blood money compensation for the victim's family will be twice as much!"

Avian in Kurdish means Love. Once again they murdered love in the Islamic Republic.

This flyer which was stuck on the walls thanked all the people who turned up for Avian's funeral. It started with this poem:

"My little sister, Avian,
  Your heavenly white wedding dress
   made all our seasons shine so bright
   and that bullet that was shot towards you
   will one day go back towards the barrel it came from
   to compensate your wasted beauty
   Sleep my little sister,
   so that the howling of the wolves
   Does not disturb your autumn sleep
   Put your head down and sleep well"

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