Thursday, June 08, 2006

World Cup

I have to be honest, I can not feel too enthusiastic about the Iranian team in the world cup. The team will be wearing shirts displaying the Islamic Republic emblem and they will be singing the Islamic Republic national anthem before the matches, does that represent Iran? hardly so.

More importantly, I am predicting there will be some unaware idiotic Iranians in London, who will unknowingly wave the Islamic Republic flag while watching the football matches. It is our duty to identify these people, talk to them and persuade them to wave the Sun and Lion flag instead. The IRI flag is not the Iranain flag, it has nothing on it that represents Iran, waving the IRI flag will be displaying support for the Islamic Republic. We must not allow this.


Aryamehr said...

I wrote the same thing (about Iranians waving the Islamic Republic's flag "unknowingly"!!!). They have to be confronted and informed that what they are doing is in fact an "anti-nationalistic" act and not an act of nationalism!

Hanif Leylabi said...

Maybe we can get them to carry pictures of the Shah too then we can be real patriots.

Anonymous said...

Which planet you guys live on?

Sweet dreams ! Bye

Azarmehr said...

lol Hanif! May be you will be carrying pictures of Lenin and Trotsky?! So which flag will you be waving Hanif? At least the Shah did not introduce un-Iranian symbols and writings on our flag.

Hanif Leylabi said...

I'll always be flying the red flag.

In regard to the world cup, I'll be flying the Iranian flag. The Iranian flag is green white and red with a lion holding a sword with a rising sun behind it.

Anonymous said...

But I am enthusiastic.
I wont sing along with the national song, and wont ware a shirt with that non-persian symbol on it. But I will support our guys on the field.
These guys represent Iran, my country, no matter what they wear or what they sing, they are born in my country.
So yes, I will I cheer along with every goal they score. No matter what I think or what they think or what A.N thinks of what should our country become.
These are my countrymates, let us be proud for being a participant in WorldCup 2006.
I am, for what its worth!!

Azarmehr said...

well done Hanif, first time I have liked you say