Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi is Dead, His Ideology is Not

I don't know how some of the Left in UK, like the SWP, will regard Zarqawi's death. Perhaps to them, the Islamo-Fascist Zarqawi will be the next Che Guevara, I can not put it past them. To most sensible level headed people however, Zarqawi's death is welcome news. How can a freedom loving person not relish the fact that a brutal group which routinely decapitated innocent people, has now been decapitated itself?

Wherever Zarqawi went, atrocities, carnage and massacre followed. In Talafar, arqawi and his henchmen beheaded innocent Iraqis merely for their ability to speak English! Of course the one sided Western media never showed pictures of Zarqawi's crimes and the sufferings he caused on the Iraqi people. Nor did they give coverage to the co-operation of the Iraqi people with the authorities which eradicated Talafar from Zarqawi's mob.

So Zarqawi is dead and that is good news, however his ideology of Islamo-Fascism is not dead. Zarqawi's evil ideology does not fear death, it glorifies it and thrives on it. To stop future Zarqawis from spawning, we must confront his ideology, we must disgrace their leaders and we must dry up their coffers. Then we will have real lasting success.


Hanif Leylabi said...

lol you think the British media doesn't show pictures of Zarqawi's terrorism? Do you watch the same news as the rest of us?

Zarqawi's death means nothing. Just another dead body.

Azarmehr said...

Well correc me if I am wrong. SWP considers HAMAS as a "progressive" "liberation" force. Today HAMAS have claimed Zarqawi to be a "martyr of the faithful"

As for British media showing Zarqawi's crimes, tell me one incident where a video of decapitation of an innocent person was shown?

SHow me one average English man who has heard of Talafar and how the Iraqi people co-operated with the authorities to drive out Zarqawi's henchmen?
But hey every one knows about Guantanamo and Abu-Ghoreyb!