Thursday, July 13, 2006

International Hunger Strike in Support of Iran's Prisoners of Conscience

So after a lot of disruptions, which I will write about afterwards, the international hunger strike in support of Iran's prisoners of conscience will go ahead in London this week starting on Friday, 14th July.

Those taking part in the hunger strike will be outside the BBC Bush House. You can help raise awareness for the plight of Iran's prisoners of conscience either by joining the hunger strikers, turning up to support them or simply by publicising the event between Friday and Sunday.


Winston said...

This is another Silly Joke by regime, if you will

Since when Hunger Strikers have convinced governments to free their enemies? LOL

I know he wants world attention but this is just another useless effort. The world as I know, doesnt give a damn to what he has to say.

Azarmehr said...

The government will not release Iran's political prisoners because of the hunger strike, but at least we can let the world media know that there are other prisoners apart from in Guantanamo.
Thats why the hunger strike will be in front of BBC Bush House. Thats why there was a press conference at the Foreign Press Association in London yesterday. Thats why there will be another press conference at SOAS tonight.
Lets support the hunger strike not for anyone in particular but for those who are in prisons in Iran. We need the world to pay attention to their plight.