Monday, July 24, 2006

More in Defence of Fakhravar

I have known Siavash Fakhravar since I took part in the making of the documentary, Iran Undercover. My part in the documentary was updating the producers and the directors with the events in Iran, and connecting them up with people inside Iran. Before the documentary was made, there was no malicious talk against Fakhravar from anyone, suddenly after the documentary was shown on Channel 4, a combination of Iranian jealousy gene and character assassination machinery of the Islamic Republic propaganda services started to "leak" letters from other inmates against Fakhravar.

I have followed everyone of these "leaks" with an open mind. After all, I too have been duped at times and I will continue to have an open mind, but until now every attempt to rubbish Fakhravar, in my view, has been baseless. Dubious letters made under duress are as much basis for the truth as the concocted Islamic state TV recants of imprisoned combatants. No one believes the confessions made under duress, when dissidents are forced to confess on state TV, so why should we believe some suspicious letters "smuggled" from prisons in Iran?

A wise man once told me, don't listen to rumours and hearsay, but examine the facts.
Here is a link to Fakhravar's speech at the US Senate . I ask anyone who is concerned about bad mouthing Fakhravar, to listen to his talk. Is he in any way defending the Islamic Republic? Is he in any way asking the US to invade Iran? Or on the contrary is he like the rest of us saying, help the Iranian opposition to topple the mullahs.

Be fair, until Fakhravar talks like this, I for one will support him.


Winston said...

True, True!

It's just silly sense of jealousy we have about any one!

Chester said...

So, what are you hearing about Batebi being arrested?
I'm confused about what his status has been for the past 6 months or so. I thought he'd been in hidng, on-the-run after being released for a week for medical reasons or something.
Now people are saying he'd been out on bail. (I guess he was arrested at his home or apartment where he'd been living with his wife.)
Needless to say, the doubts and accusations against him are beginning....I'm sad to see.