Tuesday, July 04, 2006

When and How Many Times did the President's Father Pass Away?

I don't know how to read into this. An interview with Ahmadi-Nejad in the Mehr News Agency before Ahmadi-Nejad became president, quotes him as claiming his father passed away more than 13 years ago in a driving accident. But news agencies reported the funeral of Ahmadi-Nejad's father last month!

After this anomaly was spotted by an Iranian blogger, the official MEHR News Agency seems to have corrected the original post:
but the original article claiming Ahmadi-Nejad's father died in a road accident, 13 years ago, is still cached in google.

I have also found someone who has posted the interview with MEHR News Agency on the website of the Ahwaz Oil Suburb's website, shahrakenaft.net. The date of the post is Jul 05, 2005 10:30 pm.
See also : This religious site, Zolfaghar

Could it just have been a mistake and a misprint, or is it just along the lines of one of my previous posts about how the Islamic Republic officials can lie about everything and anything? Was Ahmadi-Nejad trying to ramp up some public sympathy claiming his hardworking father with meagre means had passed away in a road accident just after he had got into university? If not, surely anyone in his position would react if such a false claim was printed about one's father?!


داریوش سعدین said...

please sent this post to news agence .
I think this is very important.

Azarmehr said...

I have to thank you Dariush for your help on this.

Azarmehr said...

In case some people are wondering why their comments were not published for this post:

I will not publish any rude comments about anyone's family here. Opposition to a public figure does not warrant verbal abuse of their relatives.

jeff said...

Perhaps his mother re-married and it is a step-father?

Anonymous said...

Well done Jeff. I wonder why the blogger didn't think of that !!


Guru said...

I think you people need to get back to your senses. You have your self contradicted yourself here. You said that the agency reported this and you yourself said that they later on corrected themselves so i dont understand how you think this got any credibility. Come on we all know that media do make mistakes and even worse mistakes are made by BBC, FOX and CNN so i dont think there is anything such that it should be taken as Holy Words which cant be wrong.
But what i found here and after reading the comments of the other people is that that you people just want to find any logical or illogical mistakes in the regime of Iran and then spread it like a jungle fire without even thinking much.
Seems you have to clean your own house first before doing the mud slinging.
As far as your comments on my blog are concerend, i still respect the Iranian president though i disagree with him on few things but atleast i dont make my self un fair in my opinion.

Azarmehr said...

please enlighten us, what points about president ahmadi-nejad you like and dislike?

Also no reply to my earlier response to you above??