Friday, July 21, 2006

The Silly Accusations Against Fakhravar

Amirabbas (Siavash) Fakhravar has made a big impact since he fled Iran. He is probably the best known Iranian dissident who has always said the same thing "the Islamic regime in Iran must go".
His interviews on Persian speaking media are like a breath of fresh air. He has charisma, he is resolute and he has passed his test of standing up to the clerics inside Iran.

Yesterday, one of the worst Persian satellite channels from US, Rangarang TV, the lowest of the lowest out of a low quality pool, the one which presented Hakha and raised the hope of some stupid Iranians, was constantly on about Fakhravar being a stooge of the regime :))

The reasons given by this apology for a TV station were quite amusing. There were pictures of Ganji and Fakhravar shaking hands and conversing and laughing! What damning "evidence" from this station that brought us Hakha to fool and dishearten some Iranians :))
After all while the loutish proprietor of this station was making money from his scams in America, Fakhravar and Ganji were in Evin prison together.

Another reason was a picture of Fakhravar talking on the phone with his hand over the phone. The conclusion of Mr. Davar, the conman head of this TV station, was that Fakhravar was reporting to his paymasters in Tehran :)))

The day these US based Persian satellite stations are closed down for good, is the first day of our freedom.


Winston said...

I think you are right. The stupid people such as conman Davar cant believe that some one speaks of regime change like that. That's shockening to the dinosaurs of the so-called opposition.

Anonymous said...

love your work.
Can't agree with you more.
But I think this is part of our Persian blood. We either praise something to heaven or trash it like hell ;)
black or white. There is no gray's or betweens.
Someone is either a hero/saviar or a dirty spy!!
People like Souresrafil who used to praise Fakhravar now suspect him to be a spy! how come he isnt just some ordinary guy fighting for his rights and freedom?!
And it isnt just about Fakhravar or any other dissident.
We see everything either as GOOD or BAD.
such a pitty... Life is so much more!