Thursday, January 04, 2007

So Where are the Peaceniks?

Before the US-UK led attack to remove Saddam, I had lots of heated debates with peaceniks in the streets of London. Their central argument was that they don't want to see innocent people killed. Of course no one in their right mind wants to see innocent people killed, but my argument at the time was that innocent people were being killed while Saddam was in power, and it was he who was the cause of their deaths. One Left-wing revolutionary outside the tube station in Hammersmith was actually lost for words, when I put this argument to him "You advocate a violent revolution for the working classes to come to power, don't you?"
"We believe the bourgeoisie will never surrender power peacefully to the proletariat, so yes we do advocate a violent struggle by the masses as the only way to bring about a workers state" was his standard text book reply.
"But innocent people will be killed in your violent struggle too, won't they?" was the question that he could not answer.

Or when I once asked an SWP member selling his Socialist Worker outside a tube station, "Who should have removed Saddam or the Taliban?"
"It should be the people of Iraq and the people of Afghanistan" was his confident reply.
"But sometimes dictatorships are so brutal that people need outside help. Look at Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the people of Cambodia had no chance against the Khmer Rouge. If it wasn't because of the Vietnamese, the killings by the Khmer Rouge would have continued. Yes lots of innocent people did die in the invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam. Yes it took many years for peace and stability to come back to the country, but overall it was better to remove Pol Pot."
I waited for his answer but after a moment of silence, embarrassingly all he could say was
"That was before I was born, I don't know enough about that."

Today the killing of innocent people in Iraq is not because of the US or UK troops. Innocent people are dying in Iraq because of the ruthless militias and their infiltration into the Iraqi security forces. According to the Economist, "The Mahdi Army, in particular, is thought to be responsible for most of the killing around Baghdad, which in turn—according to American officers—accounts for some 90% of the violence nationwide".
The Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, is obviously in cahoots with the brutal Mahdi Army leaders. He is holding back the troops from taking on the Mahdi Army, and he has made the US troops set free captured Mahdi Army leaders. Peaceniks please note that the Mahdi Army drills holes into innocent people. Ordinary people are so frightened of the dentist's drill even after an injection, now imagine the terror caused by a real masonry drill without any injection, into the bones of your body! Thats what the Mahdi Army do!

But the violence and the killing of the innocent people is not just limited to the Mahdi army, there are other groups too. There is one regional power however that pulls the strings and supports ALL of these militia groups. The objective of this regional power is to prevent democracy and stability in Iraq. Why? Because a prosperous democratic neighbour will motivate the Iranian people too.

I always detest hypocrisy, so while objecting to the killing of innocent people is always a noble cause, it should not matter who is doing it. If peaceniks march and demonstrate against those who are funding the brutal sectarian militias in Iraq, I will join them. But will we ever see the likes of Brian Haw have a protest outside the Iranian embassy in London? I doubt it very much. As usual these protesters are not even handed when it comes for caring for the lives of the innocent people.


Homayoon said...

It's some time that I'm enjoying reading your blog. Really well done. Would you mind if I put a link to it in my blog?

Anonymous said...

صرف بيان صلحجويی و انساندوستی از سوی برخی از چپها نبايد ملاک برخورد با آنان و داوری دربارة ايشان باشد. ادعای چيزی را کردن که خرجی ندارد. حرف مفت زدن که ماليات ندارد! صلحجويی و انساندوستی گروهی از نيروهای چپ مانند زاهد بودن آخوند ها است. بسياری از نيروهای چپ تنها و تنها يک تعهد دارند و آن مخالفت با آمريکا است. کافی است آمريکا دست به اقدامی بزند، آنوقت نَفَس زندگی بخش در روح مردة چپهای آمريکا ستيز دميده می شود و آنان زندگی دوباره می يابند و از جای بر می خيزند و فرياد «صلح از بين رفت» و «عدالت پايمال شد» سر می دهند و گوش ما را کر می کنند. بيچاره گوشهای بی گناه ما! زمانيکه به علتی آمريکا سرگرم رويدادهای داخلی باشد و نقشی کمرنگ در رخدادهای بين المللی داشته باشد، آنوقت چپهای آمريکا ستيز به خواب زمستانی می روند و از چربی بی خيالی تغذيه می کنند.ـ

آيا زمانيکه خلخالی، قاضی خونخوار اسلامی، افسران ارتش و دولتمردان ايران را گروه گروه به جوخة اعدام سپرد، کسی اعتراضی از چپ ديد؟ آيا زمانيکه اتحاد جماهير سوسياليستی شوروی کشور مستقل افغانستان را تسخير کرد، کسی اعتراضی از چپ ديد؟ آيا زمانيکه جنبش کارگری در لهستان به دست دولت سوسياليستی ـ نظامی آن کشور سرکوب می شد، کسی اعتراضی از چپ ديد؟ آيا زمانيکه عراق کشور مستقل کويت را تصرف کرد، کسی اعتراضی از چپ ديد؟ آيا زمانيکه دولت سوسياليستی يوگسلاوی آتش جنگ داخلی را افروخت، کسی اعتراضی از چپ ديد؟ آيا در اين چهل و نه سال که فيدل کاسترو کوبا را به گداخانه و زندان تبديل کرده است، کسی اعتراضی از چپ ديد؟ـ

با آمريکا می توان مخالف بود و از سياستهای نادرست آن انتقاد کرد. آمريکا اشتباهات کمی در اين سالها نکرده است. ولی مخالفت با آمريکا برای مخالفت کردن با آمريکا و حمايت از دشمنان آمريکا برای مخالفت کردن با آمريکا يک بيماری است که ربطی با صلحجويی و انساندوستی ندارد. بيان صلحجويی و انساندوستی ظاهری از سوی برخی از چپها البته که ماليات ندارد ولی آيا آنان می دانند که پندار و گفتار و رفتار رياکارانة شان حال آدم را به هم می زند؟ـ

Azarmehr said...

Sure Homayoon, I will be delighted.

Azarmehr said...

براستی پاشای گرامی، اگر کسی جز آمریکا جنایت کند اینها به خواب زمستانی فرو میروند

Aryamehr said...

Seyed Ali Geda is being reported as DEAD!!! see my blog for links!!!

Anonymous said...

Look how stupid these Western governments are in Iraq.
They want the Iraqi government to promise the two captured Iranian intelligence officers never be allowed back in Iraq


Islam will win and the West deserves to lose!

Winston said...

Commies and most liberals are in bed with the jihadists

Arian said...
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Anonymous said...

Really, where the heck are they? The Left suffers from malignant narcissim. Everything they do is to get attention for themeselves and not a genuine care for others.

Anonymous said...

جناب آریان اگر با منی پس مثل اینکه منظورم رو نفهمیدی . میگم این غربی ها اینقدر هالو هستند که آخر سر اسلام پیروز میشه نه اینکه من اینو بخوام!

Anonymous said...

You're exuding a kinder and sweeter aura in the new photo. I like it...Not that there was anything wrong with the other one... You looked more like a typical Brit.

Anonymous said...

fantastic choice of photos. Sadr looks so menacing in the first photo but sheepish in front of his paymaster in the second photo.

Arian said...

جناب فرشید، من از شما پوزش می خواهم.
برای اینکه پیام شما را زود خواندم، اشتباه فهمیدم. نظر من و شما یکی است. هم وطن شما، آرین.

Anonymous said...

You can always ask the peaceniks what they know about the concept of "just war". I am sooo fed up with these so called peace activists. They are not for peace, they are simply against democracy.