Monday, January 01, 2007

In 2006

Here is a summary of my highlights of the year 2006.

- There was the most commented post about Gunaz TV Twaddle.

- Then there was the thrill of learning how to snowboard.

- Demo on the anniversary of the clerics seizing power in 1979, where we were dressed in black to signify a black day in our history.

- Rally in support of the jailed bus drivers in Iran.

- Our role in stopping Islamic Republic apologists in the SWP meeting from having a free platform to promote how good life under mullahs is!

- Publicising the crackdown on Iranian women rally in Tehran.

- Exposing how Washington Post was duped by the Islamic Republic, five days before their article was published.

- Our protest at the use of IRI symbol by VOA Persian on the Iran related news, which resulted in its removal.

- Backing Clare Short and exposing child abuse laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

- The Iranian New Year, Nowrooz.

- And there was discovering the brainy, beautiful and passionate daughter of Iran, Nazanin Afshin-Jam.

- The sort of people, the UK Home Office would grant a visa to!

- Publicising the crackdown on May Day rallies in Iran.

- Face to face with Islamic Republic apologists again, this time in the House of Commons.

- Publicising student protests in May.

- My discontent at the protests sparked off by the "cockroach cartoon".

- Following World Cup with Sun and Lion flags only.
Identifying Iranian ex-pat idiots.

- Yet another crackdown on Iranian women.

- Publicising the arrest of a good man, Moussavi Khoeini.

- Exposing some more "Iran experts".

- Putting the record straight with those who think they know it all with just one trip to Iran at the Frontline Press Club!

- A mystery about Ahmadi-nejad's father that never got solved.

- At the commemoration of the Iranian victim of 7/7.

- Taking part in hunger strike called by Iranian dissident, Akbar Ganji, in support of prisoners of conscience in Iran.

- The tragic news of Akbar Mohammadikilled in Islamic Republic prison.

- Exposing another Islamic Republic agent, Hossein Derakhshan aka Hoder.

- Publicising the struggles of Sanandaj workers.

- Another murder in Islamic Republic prisons

- Khatami's visit to St. Andrews.
See also Khatami Myth Busters, which I wrote with the help of my firend Dr. Namdar Baghaii-Yazdi.

- Trip to the USA:
Visiting HRW
City of Tolerance
Campaign Dont Complain
Learning from Sterling
Absurdity of US news channels
At American Way School in Memphis
Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
At VOA Studios

- Covering the clashes outside Ayatollah Boroujerdi's house and his arrest.

- Publicising more unrest in Tehran Polytechnic and more unrest.

- Writing about the Islamic Republic "elections".

- Protest outside the Russian embassy to condemn evil Putin's continuous support for the Islamic Republic.


Bardia said...

Dear Potkin,
your blog and this summary is a perfect place to remind all things that must not be forgotten.
I hope to hear the happy song from all iranians' blogs.
best regards in new year.

Azarmehr said...

sepAs bardiA,

As you say in your informative blog:
توانا بود هر كه دانا بود زدانش دل پير برنا بود

Anonymous said...

What a year, full of tireless efforts. Happy new year Potkin, best of wishes.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous round up of IR's crimes and brutality and their apologist. Happiest of New Years. One of the best blogs in the blogsphere.

Anonymous said...

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Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Anonymous said...

پتکين عزيز، در اين سال جديد ميلادی نيز در کارهايت موفق و پيروز باشی و فهرست فعاليتهايت طولانی و طولانی تر شود.ـ
زنده باد ايرانی آزاد و پيروز باد ملت ايران.ـ

Aryamehr said...

Happy New Year Potkin-jaan! and thank you for all your noble efforts in this cause which we all find ourselves in.

Winston said...

سال نو میلادی بر تو عزیز مبارک