Monday, May 21, 2007

More Resistance to 'Morality' Police

Once again the true brutal and sadistic face of Islamic Republic has been captured on camera.

Islamic Republic apologists and lobbyists will have to put their ugly heads together and think of more pathetic excuses on how they can window dress the religious dictatorship in Iran as an acceptable form of government for the Iranian people.

Kamangir has translated the details of the event.

Lets hunt down the Islamic Republic apologists, who enjoy and relish the privileges of living a secular life in the West, but promote the ruling theocracy in Iran, and FORCE them to wear a sack on their head. Lets see how they like it.


Hanif Leylabi said...

who are the apologists, when have they said that mandatory hejab is acceptable? two simple questions.

Hanif Leylabi said...

what's happening in that video on youtube where the woman has no top on?

Azarmehr said...

You! The SWP! Elaheh Rostami! Abbas Edalat!

Read your own bloody comments! Wasn't Hejab a "working class" thing and the women who disliked Hejab, the bourgeoise?!

Anonymous said...

hanif leylabi- a Islamic Republic apologist is somebody, who doesn't condemn the Islamic Republic crimes and a Islamic Republic lobby is some one, who denies the Islamic Republic crimes.

Bardia said...

Dear Potkin, you mean the SWP is the one of these persons?

Hanif Leylabi said...

I didn't say Hejab was a working class thing. I said that working class people tended to be the most religious ones and that this is still generally the case. I don't see how you can deny this. Of course it's not an absolute rule because religion is a cross class idea.

I do condemn crimes of the IRI and I acknowledge that they happen.

now do you know what's happening in the video where the woman has no top on, if you know the one i mean?

Azarmehr said...

When?? You have always found some bizarre excuse to justify the Islamic Republic. I have asked you several times to show me one campaign, just one, you or the SWP have ever organised against the Islamic Republic.

The SWP did not even turn up for this event organised by teh International Transport Workers Federation in support of Iran's bus drivers:

You lot have done nothing but promote the likes of Elaheh Rostami and Abbas Edalat.

Hanif Leylabi said...

The SWP is a revolutionary organisation in britain. We do not organise campaigns on behalf of people.

We do support the struggle for democracy and freedom in Iran and recognise that imperialist occupation is the worst conditions for Iran to become free. We have also worked with prominent Iranian reformists who have criticised the regime from our platforms.

We support the Iranian busworkers and always have done.

Azarmehr said...

Bollocks you do!

How can a "revolutionary" organisation not take part in a solidarity rally in support of Iranian bus drivers, when other trade unions and revolutionary organisations did?

I suppose next you will say "as an Internationalist Socialist organisation we do not take part in solidarity actions" :)))

You have these "reformers" all mixed up. These are stooges of the regime here to window dress the regime for idiots like you and your idiot comrades.
You do crack me up sometimes...

Hanif Leylabi said...

I don't know which solidarity rally you are talking about. You'd have to elaborate.

You deny that there are genuine factions within the regime? You think Ahmadinejad and Ebadi have the same vision for Iran? Doesn't it make sense that there should be different elements to the regime?