Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another War Veteran sets Himself on Fire

Only a few days after a war veteran set himself on fire in front of the Islamic Assembly, Iranian daily, Asre Iran , reports of another war veteran by the name of Hojjatollah Farzad, who carried out a similar action, this time in front of the Martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs building.

He was taken to the Mottahari hospital after the incident but died as a result of his extensive injuries.
Farzad suffered from lung and kidney problems ever since he was exposed to the Iraqi chemical attacks on Iranian troops.

Meanwhile today, the Islamic regime buried the bodies of another four martyrs in Amirkabir university amidst protests by the students, who claimed the action was a politically motivated propaganda stunt by the regime.


Winston said...

Goes to show the severity of problems this regime has caused for even its own one time loyalists. I want this regime removed by any means possible.

Anonymous said...

Revolution eating its own children.

Very interesting interview with Nafisi, Nasr, and that idiot Hooman Majd:

Anonymous said...

نامه ی محسن سازگارا به خامنه ای