Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Evin Becomes University, University becomes cemetery'

More than 500 Amirkabir university students took part in a protest against further burial of martyrs in the university campus by the government.

The tensions over the issue of burial of martyrs in the university last week has already led to 4 students being arrested and twenty being barred from entering the university grounds by the authorities. The arrested students are Hossein Tarkashvand, Majid Tavakoli, Ismail Salmanpour and Kourosh Daneshyar.

Students held placards which read:

'Evin Becomes University, University becomes cemetery'
'Pretend to praise the dead martyrs in universities, while the war veterans set themselves on fire'
'Dictator of our times, martyrs have become an excuse for you'

Several students have been called up to appear before the disciplinary committees and earlier this week, the intelligence ministry contacted families of several leading student activists and threatened them if they took part in any protests leading up to the burials.


Anonymous said...

Amazing news. It shows Iranian Student movement is not stoppable after all. Does't matter what generation.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps now Barmakiri sees the significance of Janbazan setting themselves on fire and how the regime tries to use martyrs as an excuse without regards for the 'live martyrs'

Anonymous said...

به يكي ميگن: يك جمله بگو كه توش سه تا دروغ باشه. ميگه: دانشگاه آزاد اسلامي

Anonymous said...

a foreign reporter comes to Iran and sees everyone is queuing for food, he asks 'don't they pray here?' and they tell him to go to university for prayers. He asks so where are your students? and he is told they are in Evin prison. He asks 'don't they take thieves and criminals to prison?' He is told 'then who should run the country?'
This is the unfortunate mixed up situation in Iran which has led to university becoming a cemetery.

Sohrab said...

Two great jokes/anecdotes here Anonymous - I enjoyed them!

As for the protests, the timing is great. The regime is vulnerable right now with $37 barrels of oil and social pressures heightening. The opposition needs to unite behind the students right now.

Winston said...

فکر کنم ایران تنها کشور دنیا باشه که زندانی شدن بر علیه حکومت نه تنها ننگ نیست بلکه افتخار هم به حساب میاد

Anonymous said...


When did you think i didn't understand the significance you childish fuck. All I said was similar things happen in different countries and come from the same sense of frustration and alienation.

Maybe you think that since the students are opposing government policies they want to overthrow the government and reestablish the monarch. HAHAHA

You know nothing about the student movement in Iran. Nothing.

You don't even understand that it is not a unified movement. And Iranian students are not spearheading opposition to any national issues in a unified manner. These are local issues particular to the universities themselves.

So while this might be great fodder for Azarmehr's blog, your twisted little mind turns it into a viable front against the regime.

Go fuck yourself,

Anonymous said...

Barmakid seems upset :))))

Actually I think you know nothing about student movement. War veterans setting themselves on fire is not a local issue, it is a national sentiment and the placard which refers to this just shows it.
So is when they shout 'dictatore zamaneh, shahid shodeh bahaneh'
The dictator they refer to is Ali Khamaenei, the Supreme Leader, how is that a local issue, you dimwit twat?

So if you know nothing, just shut the fuck up.

Azarmehr said...

I don't want to not publish comments, but can you please moderate your language a bit.

Winston said...

who is this barmakiri any ways?

Anonymous said...

Your worst nightmare.

Mehrtash said...

barmakid is the thorn in our side; however, he/she does provoke some intellectual discourse (correction), as time and again Brmkd seems to be corrected on here.

Not sure what Brmkd knows, that he/she is keeping a mysterious secret; however, he/she does like to rant and rave a lot. Quite sad, as Brmkd's words do convey some sort of intellectual potential.

I agree, please tone down the language.

Winston said...

no barmakiri, this blog is your worst nightmare. thats why you cant stay off it. what a dope!

Winston said...

linked to your post here