Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures that the Correpsondents did not Broadcast

Thank God for blogs, for if we had to rely on Western Mass Media correspondents, we would never know about what goes on behind the official images.

See pictures that the 'Correspondents' did not report from the 30th anniversary rallies of the Islamic Revolution. Street peddlers using the opportunity to sell their goods and of course the free food parcel handouts which always ensures the dispossessed remain dispossessed but turn up at these rallies.
See more:
Ghorresh Blog

and this one shows foreign students in Tehran who have been made to march. Most Iranian girls showing this much hair and this much make up would normally be arrested by the morality police, but on this occasion whatever bolsters the rent a crowd numbers goes!


Harry Barnes said...

On Iranian Blogs, have you come across this - http://timesonline.typepad.com/comment/2009/02/mahmoud-ahmadin.html

Mehrtash said...

When is the world going to realise... in fact, what does it matter; they already know. The question is, when will there be an act to swipe away this dishonour cast upon the rich heritage of the Persian land, Iran?

Media does not report what it does not want to. No coincidence. They know too well. But it is reassuring to see that the turn out was weak, conveying that most of Iran is still against, or at least not in favour of, the Islamic government,

Thanks for bringing the truth to our attention; without people like you I am sure most of us would be kept in the ignorant dark of the IRI and western press.

Anonymous said...

You see hiw crap your blog is?
It is not even listed in any of the ones here:

Time you packed up and got in with another hibby

Winston said...

BBC Akhoondi also has these pics

Winston said...

Anon, Azarmehr blog is listed in Jerusalem Post's Iranian Threat page. Take that moron!

chester said...

Hey Azarmaehr,
When you get a new hibby, let us know. What's a hibby?

Winston said...


I want a Hibby too. Can you get me one plz? Hibby, Hibby... plz give me one ;-)

Anonymous said...

See also:


barmakid said...

I just want to add that those girls would not have been arrested for their hair and makeup. Everybody in Teheran dresses like that, not just the foreign students.

Just want to throw that out there for the foreign readers of this blog.

Azarmehr said...

Just like 90% of your shite, there are holes all over your comment. 'Everyone dresses like that' so no one wears a chador?

You may not know because you usually have your head rammed up your arse, but I think even the foreign readers know that periodically the Islamic Republic puts on these campaigns against 'bad hejab' and there are numerous pictures all over the internet which show women being arrested for not fully covering their hair.

barmakid said...


Whilst you use the internet to formulate our opinion, I have actually been to Iran in the past 30yrs and just recently came back and will be returning in a few weeks.

Yes, clearly EVERYBODY doesn't dress like that, but the young people do. And no, they do not normally get arrested for it. Talk to your family in Iran, maybe they'll shed some light on the situation for you.


Azarmehr said...


You have gone there when there wasn't such a campaign going to crack down on bad hejab. Usually before lections and before the anniversary of the revolution and when they want to show the population supports them, then they ease off and they rely on those who have their heads rammed up their arse to tell this kind of thing to the world.


Let me teach you how to Google.
Go to google.com and enter 'iran police crackdown on women dress code' for example.

Copme back if you are having difficulties

Bahramerad said...

bar man kee're!
You can try to be an apologist for the Bloody Fascist mullah regime of Qom - but do not make the same mistake that Drakhshan did.
On one of your trips to Tehran - they will take you to the Evin Prison Motel - where the Ghazvini brothers will be waiting to service your mouth and your behind!
No matter how often you have tried to wash their dirty linens here and there.
Lover boy - IRI - is the only regime that let's you be free to speak — and then fucks you — unlike other places where they make their intentions clear from the beginning-
Now it's up to you to decide - You want to get f**k first before you cry foul of after?

Mehrtash said...

LOL at comments aimed at Barmakid!

Nader said...

At least Derakhshan had more balls than this Barmakiri and identified himself. This piece of shit on the other hand is hiding behind the name of a wealthy Iranian family of traitors who betrayed Iran and worked for the Khalifeh and finally all got what deserved and were killed by the Abbassid khalifeh despite all their services..

Anonymous said...

BarKir, plz shut up. thnx

barmakid said...

Would you like me to send you pictures of me and my family in Shiraz during Eid as well as in the Summer? Then you can see how my cousins are dressed. Have you ever been to Chamron in Shiraz?? No, you haven't - you've been to a freakin website.


Anonymous said...

For Barmakirkhor's information:

Iranian nurses sacked for not fully observing the hejab:

Anonymous said...

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