Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Courage of Iranian Women

It is supposed to be a show debate between the student dissidents and the Baseej members to be broadcast on Iranian state TV. The first student talks about how one day after the elections it will be obvious it wasn't an election but an appointment.
Then the Baseej member gets behind the podium, he is asked if he is even a student at the university, he has nothing of substance to say other than insult the students by saying 'some of the girls here have come here having powdered themselves just to please their boyfriends'

and the rest you can see for yourself, the students boo the Baseej member and the student girl in the crowd rushes towards him and grabs the microphone from him and the baseej members are thrown out.

If only the ex-pats would show the same courage when regime apologists try to paint a harmless picture of the regime to their European audiences of useful idiots.

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Winston said...

a free Iran will be achieved when women of Iran are free. I think the future of a free Iran will be with the brave Iranian women who have suffered more than any other elements of that society since 1979