Friday, May 08, 2009

Its all one Big Family (1)

I remember years after John Major's premiership, reading about his brother who lived in a council flat. I was so impressed by the fact that there was no talk of him in all the years John Major was the Prime Minister and I thought to myself imagine if it was in Iran, there is no way his brother wouldn't have some kind of government post.

Well here is the very opposite, look at the extent of nepotism in Ahmadinejad's government and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Akbar Alami former war veteran and former MP from my birth place, who will almost surely be disqualified from running for the presidency by the Guardian Council, says the whole country is run by 200 closely related individuals.

Below is a glimpse of nepotism and jobs for friends and relatives in Ahmadinejad's government:

Davood Ahamdinejad: Ahmadinejad’s elder brother. Presidential Inspection Organisation.

Massoud Zaribafan: Cabinet Secretary. Ahmadinejad’s brother-in-law. Chief executive of State run Isteghlal [former Taj] sports club complex.

Alireza Madadi: Zaribafan’s brother-in-law - General Manager of Social Welfare Organisation, General Manager of Physical Education Organisation.

Hossein Shabiri: Married to Ahmadinejad’s sister - Head of Mehr Reza Donation Deposits

Parvin Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad’s sister - Deputy of the Centre for Women’s Affairs, Member of the City Council

Davood Madadi: Chief Executive of Social Welfare Organisation, Zaribafan’s brother-in-law

Nazemi Ardekani – Minister of Mutual Assistance – Related to Zaribafan’s aunt

Danesh Ja’afari : Minister of Economics – Related to Zaribafan’s aunt

Ismail Ahmadi-Moghadam : AN’s brother-in-law, Chief of Law Enforcement Forces

Mohsen Nabavi : Zaribafan’s son-in-law, Member of the Board of Foreign Investments Company

Ali-Akbar Mehrabian : Ahmadinejad’s Nephew – Ministry of Industry and Mining

Alireza Ahmadi: AN’s Brother-in-law Minister of Education

Mojtaba Hashemi Samareh : Ahmadinejad’s long time friend and Bahonar’s nephew. Advisor to the president. Head of the country’s election HQ.

Mehdi Hashemi Samareh: Mojtaba’s brother – General Manager of the Energy Ministry

Abdolhamid Hashemi Samareh: Mojtaba’s brother Deputy of Industry Ministry

Ghand foroosh: Hashemi Samareh’s sister-in-law Interior Ministry’s Family Affairs advisor

Moussapour : Related to Bahonar’s sister, deputy of parliamentary affairs for Interior Ministry

Ali Kheyrandish: Samreh Hashemi’s brother-in-law , Building contractor for the Oil Ministry

Tahere Nazari Mehr: Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki’s wife, General Manager for Human Rights and women for Foreign Ministry. Her brother is also an attaché to Bahrain.


Bahramerad said...

Potkin : You must agree that there has been a tremendous and an immense improvement in our country in the last 30 years - We have managed to reduce the control of all the levers of power in Iran ( and it's corresponding waste and corruption ) from 'Hezar Fa'mile ( The Thousand Famailies) to de' vist Fa'mil ( Two hundred Families ).
Surly this is a good improvement for the Non-Islamic, Non Republic , and Non- Iranian blood sucking Mullah Mafia's occupying our country.

Azarmehr said...

At last! One sign of improvement :))

Anonymous said...

ارومیه نیوز: اکبر اعلمی نماینده سابق مجلس شورای اسلامی طی سخنانی در شهر نقده در جنوب آذربایجان غربی سیستم حاکمه در ایران را شدیدا مورد انتفاد قرار داد و از جمله گفت ما دایه مهربانتر از مادر و کاتولیک تر از پاپ شده ایم. در آن گوشه از جهان در فلسطین وقتی ۲ نفر کشته می شود اینها دنیا را به هم می ریزند که در فلسطین چنین و چنان شد. فلسطین چه ربطی به ما دارد؟ در قانون اساسی سیاست خارجی کشور بر اساس عدم دخالت در امور داخلی ملتها تببین شده است. خود شما در اینجا در نفده ۴ نفر را می کشید و نمی گذارید که صدای کسی در آید. در مشگین شهر یک نفر را کشتید. در تبریز با تفنگ ساچمه ای دو چشم جوانی را کور کردید.

احمد نژاد٬ خاتمی و یا رفسنجانی فرقی باهم ندارند

اعلمی گفت سال به سال وضع بدتر می شود. ۳۰ سال است که مردم افسوس سالهای قبل را می خورند. ۳۰ سال است که این سخن تکرار می شود: سال به سال، دریغ از پارسال. الان بعضیها می گویند رفسنجانی از این بهتر بود یا خاتمی از اینها بهتر بود. هیچ فرقی نمی کند. اینها تخم مرغهای یک سبد هستند. تا زمانیکه هئیت حاکمه بر خلاف قانون اساسی به ملت این حق و اجازه را ندهد که کاندیدای خود را آزادانه انتخاب کند، این وضع و این دور باطل ادامه خواهد داشت.

اگر نسل امروز قانون اساسی را رد کند٬ همه پرسی لازم خواهد بود

اعلمی با اشاره به حق مردم در سرنوشت سیاسی خود گفت فرض کنید فردا مردم بگویند که ما اصلاً این نظام سیاسی را قبول نداریم. مگر امام خمینی نمی گفت که قانون مشروطه را اجداد ما ۵۰ سال قبل تصویب کرده اند، حق نداشتند به جای ما تصمیم بگیرند؟ درست است. اگر نسل امروز بگوید که این قانون اساسی را قبول نداشته و به آن منتقد است، این حق مردم است. باید همه پرسی شود. چرا تاکنون نگذاشته اید تا در این مورد همه پرسی صورت گیرد؟

Winston said...

Mafia is a better term to describe the regime occupying Iran today

saggezard said...

The regime officials are a bunch of inbreeds and so are their their offspring.

Mehrtash said...

Does this mean AN will be 'elected' again?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment above from Bahram, I am not so sure if we have less families involved in the government today as we had in Shah era.

In the Sha era, the only ones related to each other, ruling the country and economy belonged to one single family: Pahlavi.

Today every big Mullah who has a say, has also his family involved! There is a lot more mouth to fill a lot more corruption than what we had 30 years ago. Until a year ago our Oil revenue was 4.5X higher than in the peak of Shah era in late seventies. Where is all this money going? Why aren't we evolving like Emirates/Dubai? Too many mouth must be fed for free.


John said...

It would be good to get a nice clear diagram of all the people, their relationships and where they are in the country's power structure.

Perelandra said...

Chart needed.