Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thank You Sheikh Nassrollah

So there we go! Now we know exactly what is going on in Iran and who is ruling in Iran. Thank you Sheikh Nassrollah for stating the obvious. Our country is under occupation by foreign usurpers who are threatening our identity, heritage and culture. But don't be too happy Sheikh Nassrollah, Iran has dealt with worse usurpers than you and turned them into Iranians. You too will not be successful. Iran will never die.

And what do you expect from this Lebanese man when on Iran's state TV, some complete idiot talks a lot of nonsense and then finishes it by saying Arabic is the only spoken language in heaven and only Persian will be spoken in hell and the host is delighted and says 'Oh good, I know Arabic'


Anonymous said...

just a democratic man could write such a more democratic

Winston said...

I would have no problem strangling him and choking him to death

Anonymous said...

kesaafataa! Enghelab shod inghadr bayad be in tajaawoz kard ke zabane ajam ro az yaadesh bere be Arabi ar ar kone.

Kesaafat aslan mifahme daare be Ajam dar televisione Ajam baraye Ajam haa sokhan mige? Akhe maa cheghadr bayad oft konim? Chejuri melat maa ino ejaaze mide?

Ridam tu dahane har chi Arabe o eslaame, ke inghadr be maa tohin mikonan o entezaar daaraan be moghadasaateshun kaar nadashte baashin.


Arash said...

This song sums it all up:


Arshama said...

We really should be grateful to Hassan Narollah, because he has made clear whom he owes those billions of Iranian dollars in reality: Khamenei, not AN.
What else should one expect from a self-declared "Imam", who insults Iranians as "microbes" and gives orders to shoot them down?
As to the Iran/Arab controversy, it is part of our national schizophrenia and a sign of our inability to accept the Arab invasion even after 1400 years. A reconciliation with both elements of our Persian civilisation should be one major task in a forthcoming democratic Iran.

Anonymous said...

the same words I wanted to say ..thank you ...

Waybec said...

Well the typical body language of hubris psychotics! Big aggressive gestures. Stab the finger and shout a lot! Ha... Spirituality is a complete farce in the hands of such 13th Century low-life! Bullets, bombs and bigotry are their ONLY true Gods. Second only to their own power-crazed egos! But hey - no doubt Khamanei from his own black vulture throne built on bribery, brainwashing, beatings & blood will smugly smile and applaud them!

barmakid said...

Oh so now all of the sudden we take Hassan Nassrollah at his word? Very convenient.

And WHO, might I ask, has given the IRI the opportunity to inject itself into Lebanese, and more broadly, Arabic affairs?

Starts with an 'I' and ends with an 'S'......


saggezard said...

I heard Hassan Nassrallah's parents are cousins, if true then what he says may simply be an unfortunate result of degeneration, which we see too often in Muslim and other third world countries.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next Israeli bombing raid over Hezbollah. Can't happen soon enough!!!!!

Unknown said...

Potkin, you are too funny!

You know full well Nasrallah is under huge pressure in Lebanon to show that he is not some 'Persian puppet'. If it were not for Israel, Iran would be the NO 1. enemy of the Arab world. So, Nasrallah explains that Iran is an Islamic country whose leaders are descended from the Prophet.

Only because of Iran's Islamic identity is it so widely admired in the Arab world - you think Iran should live in conflict with the Arabs which would be a disaster.

barmakid said...


Yea, because only Hezbollah members die when a bombing raid occurs (sense the sarcasm). Fuckin crazy racist Persian nationalists.

Then you wonder why people like Reza exist in the West.


Azarmehr said...

There you go typical Barmakid logic. Here is a guy who is taking shit loads of money from Iranians yet refers to the Persian Gulf as Gulf and wants all Persian eliminated form Iran so he can be more comfortable with his Arab audience and yet IT IS THE FAULT OF PERSIAN NATIONALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Azarmehr said...

There you go typical Barmakid logic. Here is a guy who is taking shit loads of money from Iranians yet refers to the Persian Gulf as Gulf and wants all Persian eliminated form Iran so he can be more comfortable with his Arab audience and yet IT IS THE FAULT OF PERSIAN NATIONALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


It was Iranians who named and built Baghdad. They fused their culture with the Arab one in Iraq.
You want Iran to be insular and not impose itself through its Islamic identity.

Here is a link to the meeting of Khamenei and various foreign dignitaries convened to celebrate Now Rooz.

Khamenei talks about Now Rooz

In Iran, the government approves of Now Rooz, Yalda and Sizdah Bedar.

Dariush said...

Reza, on the contrary, it is you who provides the jokes here...

According to your warped logic, Iran should court a certain identity/ideology, so that it is respected by Arab states. Herein lies the ultimate problem. The ONLY identity it should assume is that of IRAN. That includes, all ethnicities, religions and political persuasions. A united Iran, who not so long ago was a friend of every nation on this planet.

The truth is Reza, you're not an Iranian, as demonstrated by your sell-out to Nasrallah that you advocate. You belong to a quasi-religious sect that has somehow latched power in our homeland.

barmakid said...


Yea, I call the Persian Gulf the gulf and I want all Persians eliminated from Iran. LOL ajab adami hasti.

That's so typical of you. How superficial can you get? You worry about the names of bodies of water while I worry about the reasons why someone like Nasrollah and Hezbollah even have so much influence.

Do you not see that such radicals come to such heights of power through misguided aggressive foreign policies. Just ask yourself, was Nasrallah more powerful before or after the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon? The answer is clearly that he is more powerful now.

And here we have Persian nationalists, blinded by their visions of Persian glory and hate for Islam, advocating the same policies (like bombing Lebanon) that not only kill more innocent civilians than Hezbollah members, but also hand Nasrallah the influence he's looking for.

You said yourself once, that even Christians, Druze, and Sunnis in Lebanon support Hezbollah. Shouldn't that be a hint?

To me nationalism is no different than religion: it narrows the mind with a flood of emotion and inhibits rational human thought.

(It's not just Persian nationalists - but any kind of nationalist.)

Which would lead someone to advocate a bombing raid on Hezbollah out of spite at the expense of a longer term strategy of weakening Hezbollah and the IRI.

That kind of attitude is hurting Iran and it hurts the opposition in Iran. And not to mention, you truly become, "useful idiots" as far as Hezbollah and other Islamists are concerned.

So please Azarmehr jan, don't be so shallow as to misconstrue my sentiments as anti-Persian. That's absurd.

Unless you were trying to provoke me in to reverting into the nasty tone I usually carry with you on this blog. And trust me, I prefer that tone, so be an idiot if you want and I will take pleasure in highlighting your idiocy. The same idiocy that has prevailed for thirty years without any kind of results except a more powerful Hezbollah and IRI.

You might not care about Iran anymore as much at your age, but I do. And I am convinced aggressive policies breed more aggressive and influential enemies - from Mullah Omar to Hassan Nasrallah to Benjamin Netanyahu to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Open up your mind and stop thinking like a reactionary child. Sheesh.


P.S. Never confuse me for someone like Reza. It baffles me how someone can live in the West their whole lives and somehow become overt supporters of a regime that violates almost all the freedoms we are so used to enjoying in the West.

Knights Templar said...

Barmakid you are right and its a tragedy that Potkin cant see passed his own ego and ignorance because hes too filled with propaganda. His postings remind me of a similar propaganda used by Nazis against the Jews.

But of course Potkin wont publish this post because he wont publish anything that ridicules him.

Potkin you are a coward who does not know how to respect free speech and contradiction. Go and learn the difference between nationalism, extremism and honesty.

Anonymous said...

I have a question to ask of you dear Potkin. And I wish it to be answered inspite of this being a somewhat older post of yours.
Why do you suffer these IRI apologists and supporters like theis "Reza" and "barmakid" a**holes to write their garbage underneath your posts!? I mean even democracy and freedom of speech should have some limits, and supporters of this lebanese scum shouldn't be given any of it.
So why do you tolerate them dear Potkin, as an Iranian countrymen and admirer of yours I demand an answer.
Simply block these islamofascist lowlifes, they are not worth your time!!


Azarmehr said...


Because by publishing their comments their warped logic is made clear to all