Monday, January 10, 2011

Fear of the Consequences of Talking

The hardest thing to explain to a Western apologist of dictatorships, is the fear people have of looking over their shoulders or their fear of the consequences of what they say. The useful idiots simply can not understand that when they talk to a passer by in a dictatorship, he or she will not tell them what is really in their hearts.

I remember when human rights activist, James Mawdsley was released from Burmese prison and returned to England, one of the first things he appreciated was this feeling of not having to look over your shoulder when you say something.

This fear of who you are talking to and what you say can best be demonstrated in this footage below. Two documentary making students have a permit to make a documentary about Neda Sultan, presumably to make yet another ridiculous claim about how Neda was murdered. They are simply asking the residents and passers by where Neda was nurdered, if they know what had happened in that street? Not one person wants to answer:


Arianne said...

Consequences of talking in a treacherous police state can be far reaching.
I realised this after I noticed (a little too late) that a young basiji had been listening to my conversation with a couple of Dutch tourists, in an Iranian hotel.
The next day they sent an agent of the Intelligent or "Information" monistry to the hotel.
He spent several hours watching and listening to me and the other tourists. I knew what was happening as the Hotel manager confirmed that the man was indeed an intelligence officer.
In the next few days I noticed that my phone converstaions were being listened to and my movements were being tracked. I stopped using my phone unless I had to.
Yes talking can be dangerous in the Islamic Republic.
Even so hatred of this vile regime is apparent; even though consquences can be severe, people voice their hatred at every opportunity, in private of course.

Anonymous said...

This short documentary is simply amazing and speaks more about the society in Iran than I read in the news since the election. I have no idea how these students were able to get a permission at all and neither am I sure if these are real pro-regime students or just pretending to be. But unknowingly they have produced a piece of documentary that shows the true fear of the Iranian people of their regime. No-one wants to talk about it despite them having a license to make a documentary. The police coming by after few minutes to check them was priceless. "1984" speaks out loud... This shows that the people are silenced by fear and I havent seen any footage showing this so clearly. Being myself an Iranian and knowing how canny the Iranians can be to send hidden messages, I bet these guys pretended to be pro-regime to get the license but the message they have filmed here is a message of living under dictatorship. The by-passer with bread was amazing and hit the nail on the head how everyone lives in fear and no-one can be trusted.

Waybec said...

Bear with me, but here's a recent quote by George Galloway on Press TV. 'Tunisia under Ben Ali is a Police State. But in the end the Police can only Police with consent. And the consent of the Tunisian people has just been withdrawn. So Ben Ali, in my opinion, would be best to head for the aerodrome.' End quote. ...And yet of course if good ol' George replaced Ben Ai with Khamanei, and Tunisians with Iranian's, the statement would undoubtedly just get stuck in his throat! And yet there is NO DIFFERENCE! In fact an intifada against Ben Ali is what George basically incited for the Tunisian people during his show. And yet when it comes to another regime inflicting the same sort of strife upon IT'S own people, trust good ol' George to once again look the other way when the 'Ben Ali' of Iran gives him so much publicity and money! Y'know, if there is any any successful Tunisian uprising against suppression, than I just hope it's infectious and that the Iranian people catch it! At least it'll help put an end to the current black plague of Khamanei, as well as hopefully put a pox on the likes of Ahmadinejad and his number one sycophantic fan George Galloway!