Friday, January 14, 2011

The Superstitious Nonsense on Iranian State TV

I remember six years ago, we had gone along one of the polling booths held in London, when Ahmadinejad first stood as a candidate for president of the Islamic Republic. We were asking people why they were voting? Some would talk to us and most would ignore us. One Iranian woman voter who did talk to us gave a particularly strange answer. She said 'My 16 year old son and my husband are both against this lot [the ruling clerics], but I always come and vote for Imam Zaman [12th Shiite Imam who went into occultation many centuries ago and will one day return to rid the earth form oppression and corruption]'.

A bizarre answer that prompted my question 'But dear lady, Imam Zaman is not standing as a candidate in this so-called election?!' and she just shook her head and said 'well thats who I am voting for' and went passed me.

I wondered what the source of all this ignorance and superstition was at the time that did not even spare an Iranian woman living here in UK.

These clips from Iranian state TV are just a glimpse of constant bombardment of superstition and nonsense beamed at viewers. Just like the 'If you see Sid...Tell him' commercial from British Gas which still managed to attract 200,000 share applicants from the public who could have bought the BG shares cheaper, in the aftermath of the stock market crash, from any other broker, it proves how powerful Television propaganda is and no matter how much nonsense it blares out, it will still attract an audience.

In the clip below, presenters are presenting the question of whether the Imam Zaman has married and whether he has any children? Some have even sent pictures of Imam Zaman's family to the program:

and in the clip below, the program guest describes the conditions required for the Hidden Imam's return. Apparently some signs that tell His return is imminent have already manifested themselves, like:
'Increase in money lending, Increase in music, women dressing their hair like "camel humps", women riding horses, sky scrapers,..., more people playing chess...'

and the signs that have not manifested themselves yet, amongst them being discussed by "scholars":
"The sun rising form the West"!


Waybec said...

Basically such things will always play into the fragile psyche or plain psychosis of some people. Be it hidden Imam's of Islam - The Christian Second coming - The Catholic pope making Saint's out of people having performed so-called miracles - or even a Jewish sector actually praying for Armageddon just to prove their scriptures right! It's the reason why all Organised religions have survived for so long. Because they are the well versed flim-flam experts of eventually gaining positions of greed and power here on Earth by cultivating the mass mob rule of the gullible. They recognise the sheep their fat ego-centric hunger can just carve up with words such as - 'Faith' 'Belief' and 'Don't worry if you're poor or suffering - you'll get a better reward in heaven." Often used of course by those in position of wealth and priviledge. Ultimately it's GOLD for the few not God, that always produces the biggest smokescreen superstitions!

Waybec said...

Hi Potkin (NOT FOR PUBLICATION) Just noticed PressTv reporting on Ben Ali's ousting. Then on a Jordanian protest straight afterwards with Press TV citing the same sort of things which inflicted Tunisian's but ALSO Iranians. (without mentioning Iran of course) Then another news report straight afterwards putting across the Pope's point of view that Pakistan's Blasphaphy law can be used and abused by governmental powers. Curious...??? Not defending the strict Islamic notion instead? Of course I'd like to think that there is a ripple of a sea-change within PressTV. That someone with a bit of a conscience behind the scenes can furtively use these events to point out the same sort of parallels that currently ill the Iranian nation. If nothing else, I hope such demonstrations to be rid of relative regimes will also help embolden the decent good Iranian spirits to finally seek their true democracy and freedoms too? What are you hearing from your friends in Iran on the ground? Is there more of a spark that if Tunisian's can do it, then Iranian's can do it too!!! If you do get the gist of a more emboldened sense from the people over the next few days, perhaps you could mention it in a later blog? Of course any momentum - even with Hezbolluh trying to cut and run from the UN indictments in Lebanon is welcome. The devil's alliance of Khamanei and Ahmandinejad are looking even more vunerable. Let's hope soon that the only place left for them to go will be straight to jail. I suspect things will soon start to get too hot under the collar even for Assad in Syria to protect them! Anyway, we can but hope... Azadi Irani, and of course to all the free-loving people of the world who want to see an end t their tyrants! P.s. Where's my old friend Reza lately? Ha...

Anonymous said...


If you really stand for democracy, you have to accept that people such as this woman will vote against such candidates.

We cannot tackle the political system without first sorting out our cultural identity, and cleanse it of ancient, irrelevant, imported mythology.