Monday, January 03, 2011

The Useless Studio

Remember all the regime hype about the Great Conference of Iranians Abroad? How Galloway started his speech with the opening verse of Koran's chapter, and reported it as a huge show of approval for Ahmadinejad's administration by Iranians from all walks of life from around the world? How an unknown man claimed he was an expat businessman who had turned down a multi-million Dollar deal because the contract included a slight disrespectful remark towards Ahamdinejad and kneeled in front of him after uttering all that nonsense?

One of the many huge budgets allocated for this propaganda stunt was a $200,000 budget dedicated to a TV studio that would report the post-conference activities of the Council of Iranians Abroad headed by non other than Rahim Mashaei, who is being groomed as Ahmadinejad's successor. It was said at the time, that the dedicated studio will record and broadcast news related to the activities of this entity on a daily basis.

In fact there has been ZERO programs made since. Far from Galloway's claims that the conference was a show of approval towards Ahmadinejad's administration by Iranians from all walks of life, it seems the whole show has amounted to nothing more than an opportunistic attempt by some treacherous Iranian expats for a free flight and holiday to Iran with nothing else to follow up afterwards.


sanalika hileleri saç sanil said...

yes man yes

Waybec said...

Of course the 'Useless Studio' would suit the likes of George Galloway to a tee. An audience of none, whereby all he gets to hear is the constant echo of his own hubris hypocrisy! Of course certain blind-sided naive factions of the Muslim world love him! Yes - I have and still do agree with some of his analysis against Isreali and Western policy. But unfortuantely, George looses any true objective and humanitarian credibility by sucking up to the fatherlands of terrorists and tyranny. And then of course denying it within the cozy borders of political correctness and Britain's more open and coinstantly ready to be decried democracy! However, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before being a carpet bagger, a lover of dictators, a profiteer of the prophet and a two-faced sycophantic slimeball will eventually catch up with him!