Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cruelty Reported Against Bystanders in Ebrat News

No foreign reporters in Iran, means the Islamic Republic can get away with a lot more cruelty and barbarity against protesters than in places like Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain but sometimes the savagery is so indiscriminate and so senseless that even the judiciary news site can not hide it.

Ebrat News is a site close to Iran's judiciary and even this news website has been compelled to write an article about the harms of indiscriminate crackdown during the protests:

The paragraph above describes what was witnessed by a reporter from Ebrat News. Below is the translation:

Around 4:00 pm on Sunday while the Vali Asr Sq was in the control of security and military forces, some citizens, nothing to do with the protesters, were sitting on the steps outside Pasargad Bank near the Square. Amongst them were two elderly women and a young woman with a shopping bag. Several plain clothes agents on bikes in a vulgar way attacked them, one of them who had covered his face with a Baseej scarf hit the old woman several times with an electric truncheon and kept kicking her while hurling profanities at her. Even the younger woman, who seemed to be her daughter and was trying to rescue the older woman, was not spared and she too was floored after being hit with the electric truncheon. 


Anonymous said...


Waybec said...


1) Don't just protest on days off or holidays. Protest day-in and day-out or weeks on end - even camping down if necessary.

2) Yes, you know that the Security forces will attack - unfortunately causing deaths. But the more protesters the mercenary or thugs of the regime kill, the more protesters will come out.

3) Eventually worn down and fed up, a number of the security forces will start to melt away, run away or simply defect over to the side of the people.

4) The despotic regime will promise Reform and dialogue. But too late. They only promise concessions now of course out of fear and desperation.

5) Members of the paliament will either be sacked or resign. Others will defect in favour of the people.

6) A lot of the army commanders will eventually see the horror of turning upon their own people. Therefore when it boils down to protecting the murderous few or protecting the new free will of a nation, they will always chose the people! Thus, thereby will end decades of tyranny and oppression!

It's now been proven... Bringing down despotic regimes is no longer impossible. But rather a 100 percent probable if the will and numbers of the people stay strong and persistant enough. And that takes people constantly marching - besieging parliament and quickly surrounding State controlled TV to put your message across.

If of course the Iranian people are truly happy with their government status quo, then fair do's - Enough said.

If however most Iranian's see no difference between the brutal oppressive methods conducted by Ben Ali - Mubarak - Gaddafi AND KHAMENEMI, then the examples across the Arab region have now been plainly laid out for you. You can either stay living in fear. Or become part of the fearless that have successflly gained their freedom. Ultimately, the choice will always lay with the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

And you call the Iranian media biased? At least they have reported this incident. What's the problem?

Neda Mehregan said...

Oh they've reported it. That's makes it all right then.

It is more likely that the IR censors have missed it.

Waybec said...

P.s. Weren't it great to see Ahmandinejad condone all those Arab protesting rights HE himself - along with Khanmenei condemns within Iran!


I tell ya what? Let's not call gross Hypocrisy that word any more. Let's just call it "KAMMY-DINNERJACKET!" Since those two with their smarmy oppressive lies and being two-faced against their own people certainly take the biscuit!

Also if further prove were EVER needed of course that PressTV ARE just the state mouthpiece of Khamenei - then just take a look at their recent 'ISLAMIC AWAKENING' promo... So, OFFCOM? Objective, fair and unbiased to ALL religion's eh??? What say you?

Never mind, if nothing else it just proves the absolute finger nail desperation and fearful dillemma the poor IRI Regime must now be currently going through.

The people storm is closing in, so what to do eh..???

After all, if your not a paid off thug, apologist or political spinster of the Regime, then surely about the only people left in the world who believe Khamanei and Ahmadinejad are those Islamists who hate yanky-doodle USA or Israel - live in poverty - war-torn strife or under a rock!

Neda Mehregan said...

For those IR mercenaries such as SZ you need to understand that there are those within the Sepah and Niroohaye Entezami who are giving information; At demonstrations many of those who are seen beating and arresting protesters have been identified. Here is a list of some of their names:

Hossein Ali Ben Ali
Shirin Jalali, Shahrake Paars Tehran
Lieutenant Fariden Maleki- (Etelaat) Rah Ahan- Tehran
Ostovar Yekom- Sahar Daryayi, Resalat Tehran
Sotvan Dovom- Maryam Kolhar- Etelat
Sargord Shahla Ashtiani- Etelat- Salsabil, Tehran
Ostovar Yekom- Parvin Hosseini- Atabak, Tehran

These are the names of IR security guards wielding batons who have been seen beating innocent protesters. They have been identified by sources within the Sepah and military.

We will continue to identify all these criminals, who will be brought to justice soon. Just the same as what has occurred in Libya,
it is the military and Sepah who will betray the identities of the worst aggressors and join the people.

For those within the revolutionary Guards, Sepah and Entezaami, this is a good time to defect; tomorrow may be too late.