Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Karroubi the Lion Heart in Grave Danger

As the news of Libya's madman, Gaddafi, massacring his own people is taking over the news in the mass media, the plight of one giant of a man in Iran is being forgotten.

Enraged with the success of the Green Movement protests on 14th Feb, which displayed the double standards of the Islamic Republic to the whole world, the ruling junta in Iran is determined to finally eliminate a lion heart cleric who has chosen to stand by his people to the very end.

Last Tuesday, the regime's henchmen went further than holding him under house arrest. Hired mobs attacked his residence again and camped outside, saying they were waiting for the Supreme Leader to issue his fatwa, so they could decapitate Karroubi and his wife and parade their heads in the streets. Security men ransacked his house, removed his documents and books and occupied his house. Karroubi and his wife are now kept in separate rooms in their house and are forced to eat the food the security agents are giving them. Many fear they will be poisoned in this way.

Pro-government publications started a call in unison to de-robe him, saying he had never been a cleric!

Karroubi's son, Ali and his wife Nafisseh were also arrested. Nafisseh's three brothers were martyred in the war to defend Iran against Saddam's invasion. Ali's whereabouts is still unknown.

Karroubi's other son, Hossein has had to go into hiding and soon may also be arrested.

Amidst all this injustice, cowards like former president Khatami and other Grand Ayatollahs have chosen to remain silent. Clerics are often known for their expediency considerations and running away when the going gets tough, but Karroubi the Lion Heart has been one exceptional cleric who was different and his valour and resoluteness won him the hearts of many, including secularists like myself.

And meanwhile, Ahmadinejad scored another rank hypocrisy today by lecturing Gaddafi on the wrongs of suppressing dissent.


Waybec said...

I'm a Secularist also Potkin - but I do admire Karroubi's courage and stand against the corrupt fascist and religious forces currently destroying Iran... I have emailed Aljeezra to bring up the plight of Karroubi in the hands of Khamenei thugs. I would urge any other FREE LOVING people to do the same. After all, if Gaddafi goes, Iran and Syria should be THE next murderous tyrannies in people's sights. And we can only do that by making some of the main stream media expand their news agenda into the other surrounding despots of the region. Basically it IS in the entire world's interest to make the current Iranian Regime fall! For those who defend it because it's against America and Israel, I urge you to think again. Both these countries are already on the backfoot because the great blackmailing Islamic uprising hasn't happened! Thereby if Iran was truly democratic and secular, how then could Israel keep holding America to ransom??? Their bigotted Zionist interests would be rightfully shamed and deminished in the light of a TRULY DEMOCRATIC And SECULAR Arab region as well as one which includes Iran. Therefore as HUMANS. Human beings all! If you want justice for the Palestinian people, just topple the terrorist gun-running Khamenei. And then let's see how Israel can possibly go on defending it's concentration camp policies. Already some western politicians are saying it was a mistake to put all their eggs in the Israeli basket! The people of course could've told them that YEARS AGO! But again, it's time to let go of 20th Century and 14th Century thinking. Time to embrace the new ETHICAL IMPERATIVE 21st Century one! One, where we are all brothers and sisters on our tiny planet Earth!

Anonymous said...

Let me say, in 2009 i had serious reservations about anyone who was once a part of this establishment. Karroubi though has proved that when it comes to standing with the people, he is steadfast in helping them meet their demands. I expected both him and Moussavi to have backed down at some point, it would have been easy for them to do. It is clear they both now have a totally different vision for this country than the one imposed during the revolution and will sacrifice their lives to convey it.

They are both old men, but are no doubt now being treated in the most sickening of ways by this vile regime. Where are the western media reports regarding their well being? Again, the BBC fall silent at the behest of the tyrannical junta.

Anonymous said...

بترسند فتنه گران از روزی که مولای ما (آیت الله العظمی خامنه ای )دوباره از این انگشتر (علیٌ ظافر) استفاده کنند...

Unknown said...

I'm curious, why haven't any opposition protesters/leaders called for a national strike? These poor people go on these protests and get tortured, raped and murdered. In the end the protest only brings more misery. It is so damn sad. Oh you noticed Obama remains pretty much silent on the suffering of Iranians but is using somewhat strong words in regards to Arab protesters? Us Iranians are ALONE! GOD HELP US!

Unknown said...


Michael The Researcher said...

Potkin - This is truly shocking. The physical and mental stress must be quite severe. The media should be focusing on this very matter and the underhanded actions of the regime. Mehdi Karroubi deserves acknowledgement for his efforts and his current plight should be known too.

I also read about Ahmadi's absurd and hypocritical statements toward Gaddafi. I responded to his hypocrisy here -

Anonymous said...


The Green flag of Qaddafi and the House of Saud