Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Despicable Regime

Never underestimate the Islamic Republic's ability to shoot itself in the foot but equally never underestimate the regime's audacity and ability in making up new stories that contradict with the previous stories they make up.

I do not ever recall any regime to deny a permit for a legitimate peaceful rally and instead use maximum force to crackdown, kill, injure and imprison the protesters and then claim the protesters killed and injured the other protesters! Two people are confirmed killed from Monday's widespread protests, Sanee Zhale, a 26 year old Iranian Sunni Kurd and 22 year old student, Mohamamd Mokhtari. 

Sanee Zhale was the first confirmed death and immediately the regime resorted to a new tactic by claiming he was a supporter of the Islamic Republic and was killed by the MKO or the protesters. Of course this is all reminiscent of their stories about Neda, first it was the BBC, then MI6, then the eye witness doctor, Arash Hejazi, then the MKO etc. who had killed Neda. Press TV, IRI's mouthpiece broadcasting from London made three separate documentaries with three different stories about Neda. Now Press TV is running ads on London buses and London Underground while Iran's Trade Union leaders languish in jail. So much for the Left's International labour solidarity!

What they didn't probably envisage at the time of resorting to this tactic, was that there was so much evidence that Sanee Zhale was a supporter of the Green Movement. His photos with the late Ayatollah Montazeri, the spiritual leader of the Green Movement were the first evidence to counter the regime's claims. Then there were his class mates who confirmed Sanee was part of Moussavi's campaign in the university and an active Green Movement supporter. Sanee had written anti-establishment articles in student magazines and had performed in a student movie, Another Brick in the Wall, banned by the authorities.

An enormous amount of pressure was put on Sanee's family who were told if you do not go along with our story, we will kill your other sons. Yet despite all these threats, Sanee's brother, Ghanee managed to do an interview with VOA Persian and categorically deny that his brother had any sympathy for the regime. Ghanee was arrested shortly after.

So what does the regime do with all this massive amount of evidence against its despicable claims? The new story now is, "We have our moles everywhere who bring us information and Sanee was one of our moles who had penetrated the dissidents and spied for us!"

Has there ever been a more despicable regime than this?

and meanwhile, here is a 'protester' or an 'MKO member' dressed in Special Units uniform and imitating a ninja warrior, beating up innocent bystanders with not one truncheon but two truncheons:


Anonymous said...

با یک قطعه مفتول ضخیم که بشکل ٧ خم شده و کرمک دوچرخه (یک شلنگ باریک کشسان که کمی از آن را در انتهای سوزن باد لاستیک دوچرخه قرار میدهند) میتوان تیروکمان پر قدرت و مخربی ساخت. این پلخمون میتواند تیر هایی از مفتولی باریکتر ولیهمچنان تا حد امکان ضخیم که بتوان به قطعات کوچکتر٢ تا ٢/٥ سانت برید و بشکل ٧ های کوچک درآورد را مسافتهای زیاد پرتاب کند. امتحان کنید. از قدرت تخریب آن متحیر خواهد شد. ٢- صورت و چشمان خود را از گزند تیر مزدوران بپوشانید. عینک شنا بتنهایی برای مبارزه با گاز اشک آور موثر نیست، ورود گاز به بینی و دهان هم همان اثر ورود بچشم را دارد. لطفأ در بالاترین منتشر کنید، من اکانت ندارم. سبز باشید.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they know that they are going down in history as some of the biggest SOBs that ever governed?

Waybec said...

Well I did email PressTV insisting that they show the regime's HATRED RALLY, and call it exactly that! Just so that the whole world can once again witness the baboons sending out the goons against the free aspirations of their own people, but nah --- so far nothing..! Yep, it must be a real dillemma for them and the regime. Gloryfying in calls against dictators of other countries and even demanding human rights and proper democracies for the protesters, and yet also being the squirming, hypocritical and lying through their teeth voice of their own murderous tyranny!
Even Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati has back tracked on not wanting to execute Mousavi and Karroubi! And why? Well because to do so would surely sign their own death warrents by the people. And as per usual the regime always think with their dicks waving their pricks at each other! Once the one or two brain cells between them do finally kick back in, they once again try to spin everything away from their own cowardly fear that is also helping to eventually destroy the black cancerous regime! So keep up the momentum free-loving Iranains. Your nation will be a great player in the region and the whole world once you get rid of the rotting stink and the mafia mullah rule of Khanemnei!

Neda Mehregan said...

Many people have sent comments offering their support. I just want to thank all those people because we need all the help we can get.

The Islamic Republic has traumatised the Iranian people in the past 31 years, holding them hostage in their own country. Parents have had to send their youngsters millions of miles away just to keep them safe and to give them a chance of a normal life. Millions of Iranian people are refugees all around the world.

On Sunday these brave people are planning to come out on to the streets again, risking their lives and chanting "Iranians are prepared to die, but they will not accept humiliation".

The BBC has played down the scale and intensity of these demonstrations, sucking up to the regime in the past. If they don't give the events enough coverage or they give inaccurate information again (last time although many confirmed hundreds of thousands had come out, the BBC stated that only a few hundred had turned up; This is whilst the official figure for those arrested alone was 1500), all of you who have offered your support can help our cause by contacting the BBC and registering a complaint against the corporation for bias shown.

We are hoping that the Sunday demonstrations will shake the rotten core of this cockroach infested regime. One thing is for sure, there is no turning back now.

Waybec said...

As an Englishman I have to agree with Neda Mehregan. I was dismayed and a little ashamed when the BBC only said a few hundred protesters in Iran too.
I actually find Aljeezra the better news channel now.
As for our old friends at PressTV--- Well I could tell it made for really uncomfortable listening for one of the presenters when Azeldin El Sharil of the British Libyan Solidarity compaign cited all the grievences against Gaddifi, when all you had to do was substitute Khamenei's name for the EXACT same list of murderous repressive crimes! Just a pity that not one presenter at PressTV has got the guts to stand up for the rights of the Iranian people and say it on air too? OK, they may suffer a little now, but later on they will be regarded as both a National and International hero. Made for life... So think about it you soul-less puppet drones at Press TV???
Meanwhile, I also noticed that regime mouthpiece of Sayed Mohommad Marandipop up on RT news the other day. Once again citing the same old progaganda diatripe he said just after the frudulent 2009 elections. And once again he carried that same ol' smug sneer of dismissing their being a problem in Iran. "Ahmandinejad is like a rock star" his said. Yeah, right... Well I don't know of many rock stars who have to employ rent a crowd with their apathy having to be cattle-prodded by black shirts on the sides. Still, that smug leer of Marandi will soon be wiped off his face - along with all the other sympathisers, pampered clique and enforcers of their heinous oppression. And with a bit of luck, Syria's Assad will also fall too. Leaving Khamenei well and truly hung out to dry should he ever end up there after fleeing the wrath of the Iranian people!

Anonymous said...

One of the most despicable aspects of the regime is its media - Press TV is an example - which licks its lips over the protests and demonstrations across the Arab world, giving them 24/7 coverage, yet dares not show the protests and demonstrations against the 'Islamic' regime in Iran.

Neda Mehregan said...

Yes Press TV is garbage, biased crap, hardly worthy of "news" or reporting. But how come they are allowed to broadcast and advertise freely here in London, when all media is banned in Iran?
This is a question for the British Gov who has been supporting the Islamic fascist junta for the past 31 years,