Friday, February 11, 2011

Egyptian Youth: Iran Will be Next


Juniper in the Desert said...

I seriously hope so! I am so scared that the IRGC will not hold back like the Egypian army. Also, Mubarak was head of a secular mozlem society, he showed grace under pressure: will the two headed monster Khamenei/Ahmadi??

Juniper in the Desert said...

Also, having watched the video, the Mozlem Brotherhood are not going to be satisfied with a few seats in parliament: that young man was wrong. They want the whole country, just like the islamists want the whole world to be islamised! Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Dear Azarmehr, sorry to clog up your comments section, but this item tells it like it is: the army was in danger of splitting because of divided loyalties and it was them who made the call. They know they cannot give the MB that inch.

Unknown said...

Maybe you didn't realize,Potkin, but Mubarak was an enemy of the Islamic Republic.

His removal by the Egyptian people is what Tehran has wanted for some time.

People rise up against traitor regimes like Mubarak and not those like the IRI who defend their interests against the Americans and the Israelis.

I bet your 25th Bahman rally amounts to nothing. The Green movement died a long time ago.

It is ironic that Mubarak should resign on 22nd Bahman.

Anonymous said...

Good article from Russian military experts about the archaic "weapons"
that IRI is boasting about daily and wants to use to punish US with

Anonymous said...

(Practicable) Instant True Democracy for Egypt & All Else: Ranked Ballot (“RB”) will put an end to war & all other violence, “past” or present. Because it always elects the candidate most exactly in the middle, RB (voters ranking candidates in order of preference) is top-dead-center counter-extremist & thus more anti-terrorist than all the many recent retrenchments combined. Because it gives an equal chance of winning to not just all parties, but all combinations of programs, RB has brakes, reverse, 3D, hyper-drive, subtlety, lightfootedness & objectivity. (The “additive” form of RB is to count the first choices & if noone has 50%, to add in the next choices, & so on, until someone finally does. *** While it would be equally useful for all others, RB’s real power is perhaps most clearly shown in Iraq. Unless their Parliament comes to select its Prime Minister by RB, it may not hold & the country, region & world will be in danger of going to war over some oil well, ancient grudge or multi-ethnic city. *** Both more Freedom & Justice (free market & commun-ity) can be found in RB than in any ideology. Brakes & reverse mean no more need to suppress popular movements around the world. RB is to the horse & buggy two-party system as shopping at the Mall of America is to shopping in Soviet Russia. *** Help put this idea, in time, before overpopulation, high-tech dictatorship, literalist contretemps or economic, environmental or tectonic collapse, to as many as possible. The cost of a full page national ad, sufficient to put RB to virtually all the world, would be repaid in no time at (pre-9/11) US defense spending of $10,000 per family. *** We imagine running on the single issue of RB, promising a citizens’ advisory board, based on “Organized Communications” (“OC”, small randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps to higher & higher levels by means of RB, till one small group, exactly in the middle remains) to guide us in the rest. RB would be equally useful for all electoral systems, parliamentary or presidential (parliaments by picking their Prime Minister by RB) coops, collective leaderships, tribal groupings, religious confessions, political parties, associations or even cabals. RB is the sole unchangeable plank & bylaw of the Ranked Ballot Party, the only practicable third party. How can we ask it of others if we do not have it ourselves? Must be in somebody’s interest. -Z (USA)

Jared Israel said...

As I predicted, the New York Times, which did not cover Khamenei's Friday sermon enthusing over the Egyptian "protests," so-called, has devoted several articles to the Mousavi-Karroubi march to support the anti-Mubarak people, only mentioning Khamenei's speech *IN THAT CONTEXT*.

I charge that Karroubi- Mousavi called this march to counter the exposure of Western-IRI collusion, starkly highlighted by Khamenei's speech.

Otherwise why did the Times *not* cover the speech -- Khamenei’s first major statement in months, as Agence France Presse pointed out in a dispatch picked up by NO media -- and then give big coverage to Karrobui-Mousavi's reaction?

Will people turn out? They may, because they are fooled by Mousavi-Karroubi or because they long for an opportunity to refute the lie, parroted by Reza, that the movement is dead. The "movement" equals the passion of most Iranians. It’s not dead; it strives for new forms of struggle. The IRI holds on by virtue of Western support and terror. A regime that is the living dead.

To the extent that people do turn out, unless they do as they did when they chanted "No Gaza, no Lebanon, we die for Iran," the march would be an attack on the beliefs of most Iranians, who want an IRANIAN Republic, not "good" Islamism. (I love the newspapers that said the Egyptian "protesters" were secular, and then showed them all prostrate in prayer -- at a political demonstration?!)

Having read the various Times articles, I found two things worth quoting, one revealing, one revealing and nauseating.

REVEALING: In a business page piece on Al Jazeera, the writer stupidly included a revealing quote from one of their stupid editors:

[Excerpt from Times starts here]

"By midafternoon on Friday, the crowds in Tahrir Square were swelling, and news anchors on Al Jazeera were batting around crowd estimates — guesses, really — in the millions. That same afternoon, an executive producer told those in the newsroom responsible for booking guests: “Don’t make any more calls on Iran.”

Salah Nagm, the English-language news director, had decided to halt segments about the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s speech on Friday praising the protesters in Egypt. To praise Egyptian protesters after having cracked down on protests in Iran was a “double standard,” Mr. Nagm said. And, he added, when the news anchor diverts from the events in Egypt, “viewers lose concentration.”


[Excerpt from Times ends here]

So Al Jazeera -- which was created out of a BBC project for an Arabic TV station that changed its name -- started reporting Khamenei's speech and then some handler realized they were providing evidence contradicting the Western media spin on the "protests," therefore Al Jazeera censored its own broadcast, with the justification that what Khamenei was saying was hypocritical! Right, Al Jazeera would NEVER broadcast hypocritical statements. Do they think we’re all complete imbeciles?

REVEALING AND NAUSEATING: This from one of the NY Times pieces enthusing over the Karroubi/Mousavi position:

" 'Everyone has been asking how these Arabs could stand firm while we got scared and ran away,' said a young opposition supporter who helped as a translator for foreign journalists during the 2009 election campaign."

Whether this is a Times fabrication or an accurate quote from a Green leaders’ aide, what an outrage! Iranians protested with dignity on the streets despite murderous repression for a year or more, scorned by Western leaders. The Egyptian "protesters" have been savagely violent, while Mubarak was prevented from a responding with appropriate firmness by draconian threats from the West, which discovered a love for democracy.

Disgusting, but the quote does show the contempt in which some hold the Iranians, who are nevertheless the heroes of our age.

Jared Israel
Emperor’s Clothes

Anonymous said...

Reza - Simple question; If the green movement is dead, why are the IRI imposing house arrests, arrests and blocking the internet?

You are the worst of the worst Reza. I can't wait to see where you run and hide when your regime crumbles.