Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Embassies Campaign Statement Regarding the Claims Made by the “Green Wave” Organisers

Green Embassies Campaign Statement Regarding the Claims Made by the “Green Wave” Organisers

Recently an organisation by the name of Green Wave has issued a press statement addressing the senior members of Iran's embassies abroad. Some parts of the statement imply the Green Embassies Campaign is connected to the Green Wave organisation. It is therefore necessary for the Green Embassies Campaign, which is made up of Iranian diplomats, who have defected to join the Iranian people's pro-democracy movement and in protest to the religious dictatorship rule in Iran, to make the following points in order to make matters clear for all:

1. In the statement made by an organisation calling itself the Green Wave, it is claimed that “Mohammad Reza Heydari, the founder of the Green Embassies Campaign, is the representative of the group calling itself Green Wave and is responsible for appointing and determining ways of co-operation and specific missions of defected diplomats”. While the Green Embassies Campaign emphasises the urgency for national solidarity with the objective of the dissolution of the Islamic Republic, it has to be made clear that Mohamamd Reza Heydari has never been the representative of the Green Wave as it is claimed in their statement.

2. Just like Mohamad Reza Heydari, who willingly and on his own accord defected and joined the people of Iran, following the brutal crackdown of Iranian protesters on the day of Ashura in 2009, other diplomats who defected afterwards, did so voluntarily and to their own accord. The group calling itself the Green Wave had no role in these defections.

3. The Green Wave statement claims “The security arrangement of these individuals [diplomats] is part of the framework of the Green Wave's duties and responsibilities”. It needs to be said that the members of the Green Embassies Campaign, have years of diplomatic experience and are aware of the laws in their host countries, and are capable of their own security and safety arrangements themselves. Any claims by the Green Wave that they are making such security arrangements for the defected diplomats is completely baseless and untrue.

4. At the end, once again we emphasise that strengthening national solidarity, especially amongst Iran's democratic opposition, is one of the strategies of the Green Embassies Campaign. We maintain our independence and while endeavouring to encourage more regime employees abroad to join the Iranian people's struggle, at the same time we stretch our hand in friendship and co-operation to each individual compatriot who is working for the dissolution of the current Islamic regime in bringing about democracy in Iran.

The Green Embassies Campaign

27th Feb, 2011


Waybec said...

A little unrelated to your post Potkin, but interesting to note that Hilary Clinton has at last acknowledged that People Power & the Internet will no longer put up with political duplicity, complicity or hypocrisy! Let's hope The Human Rights counsil does indeed NOW have some proper teeth rather than just watered down words? Also interesting to note was Press TV's summary straight after Hilary Clinton's live speech of course. Quoting everything else she said BUT her rightful condemnation of the appalling Human Rights abuses of the Tehran Regime. Yep - Revisonist History in the space of 5 minutes! Cor blimey - The great Islamic Awakening still asleep to the fact that THEY are the ones WHO still insult people's intelligence! Never mind, the medieval mentality now not only looks like its been caught with it's trousers down, but in the end will just end up thoroughly buggered by the people's aspirations. Again Ahmandinejad and Khamenei can only brutally cling onto the past, because in the rapidly changing world, they have NO future! It's just unfortunate that their wild rabid beast: -The backward, wounded and cornered animal will still lash out before it's finally put out of it's misery! But take heart. Soon The whole world will have a stuffed boss-eyed chimp and stuffed black vulture to help represent the blackenened evil path of oppressive human history! All it takes now is the FED UP People's aspirations to achieve it! March-march-march!

Winston said...

Charlatans exploit anything and everything.... No wonder why the Iranian regime has been able to withstand so much pressure in the past few years.

Anonymous said...

You should have displayed greater integrity having published in English, the English translation of the so-called statement by the Green Embassies Campaign, since its content against 'Green Wave Organizers' does not bear out with the realities as witnessed by the presence of Mr. Heydari and his published photograph at a press conference held for Mr. Ahmad Maleki, the latest Islamic diplomat to defect. You could have done this by also reporting on what transpired in Paris if only to balance your story by presenting a true depiction of facts. Surely you don't have your own particular axe to grind in an issue such as this at this critical juncture?!

Anonymous said...

who cares anymore about The Green Wave .. its a dead Mullah lead movement. We need a COMPLETE break with the Akhounds. Down with ALL elements of the Islamic dictatorship.

Azarmehr said...

@anon2: Jahanchahi has split the diplomats and ruined something good. The defection of the diplomats was something which cheered us all and this idiot has totally messed it up with his narcissism and self importance.