Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IRI Thugs Kill Dissident's Daughter at His Funeral

Haleh Sahabi was killed today by the Islamic Republic security thugs at her father's funeral.

This morning was the funeral of the 81 year old Ezzatollah Sahabi, the reformist Iranian dissident. Haleh Sahabi was walking ahead of the funeral holding a wreath, when security forces tried to break up the funeral procession and steal Sahabi's coffin.

Haleh resisted the thugs and insisted that the funeral procession should proceed as planned. Islamic Republic security thugs attacked her, kicking her repeatedly and punching her with a knuckle duster. Haleh collapsed at her father's funeral and later died as a result of her injuries.

Haleh Sahabi was 55 years old and a Koranic expert. She was also a member of Mother's for Peace and was arrested, two years ago, during the protests outside the Iranian parliament when Ahmadinejad was taking the oath of office. She was sentenced to two years imprisonment by the revolutionary court. She was given leave from Evin prison to attend her father's funeral.

This is the Islamic Republic! so scared of the smalles gathering. Even the funeral of an 81 year old man is intolerable for these insecure savages. The thugs even kill a man's daughter during his funeral.
Once again the Islamic Republic has brought eternal shame on itself.


Ross said...

I was surprised no one has left a comment on this page for Father & Daughter who gave their life for their Country. I hope they don't die in vain.

Ross said...

I was surprised no one has left a comment on this page for Father & Daughter who gave their life for their Country. I hope they don't die in vain.

Anonymous said...

کسی که عرضه اداره خانواده را ندارد حالا علیه این سید بزرگوار که جهان اسلام را اداره میکنند حرف میزند


Waybec said...

Outrage just poured upon outrage! Still this morally corrupt and totally bunkrupting influence of the IRI continues to inflict it's damage upon the psyche and health of the Iranian people! So when ARE the people finally going to say enough is enough and at last put an end to these brutal baboons that do nothing but cling onto power via the use of the devil's own judicary and an Islamic/Iranian Gestapo! RIP Haleh Sahabi to all those who have had the courage to speak out and face down such cowardly blood-thirsty tyranny!

SZ said...


you're a fraud and a complete idiot. Iranians support the Regime in place because it was ushered in by the people.

I am Iranian, and I know for a fact that Iranian "dissidents" who want Iran to be a secular nation like they have in the west are completely out of touch.

Iranians on the contrary don't want a secular nation. They want the nation they have now. Iran's economy is the second largest in the Middle East behind Turkey, and that's with 30 years of unnecessary sanctions.

I come by this site and see your idiotic posts and stupid commentary and I simply laugh at people like you. I assume you're one of those Iranian dissidents who live in the UK, curse Iran from your perch and then claim to be Iranian.

You sir, are a fraud, and a stain on humanity.