Saturday, September 03, 2011

About the Release of 100 Prisoners in Iran

So the Supreme Leader once again showed his magnanimity and released 100 political prisoners upon the Eid Fetr celebrations. Just like everything else, this show of magnanimity was nothing but a window dressing and a farce. Although the regime got the publicity it wanted and the Western media once again grabbed the headline without much looking into, the truth was rather different than the headlines would want us to believe.

First of all, the 100 was actually 70, but when has the regime ever been precise with figures? It reminds me of when the casualty figures were announced in the aftermath of the Islamic Republic party headquarter explosion; "more than 72 martyrs". Seventy two, of course being an emotive number, the number of Imam Hussein followers who were martyred at the battle of Karbala. What does more than 72 mean however? was it 73? 80? 100?

Lets not digress however, so instead of 100 political prisoners, there were seventy who were pardoned, these were mostly ordinary protesters who had been arrested during the post-election protests. Lets look at some individual cases to learn more about the magnanimity of his holiness, the Supreme Leader:

- Mohsen Mokhtari, sentenced to 12 months and had spent 11 months and 3 weeks of his sentence. i.e. he had one week left! Thank you, O divine Supreme Leader.

- Laleh Hassanpour, had spent more than half of her one year sentence and according to Iran's prison laws should have been considered for parole

- Susan Tabyanian, was sentenced to 18 months and had spent 16 months of her sentence, i.e. only had two months left.

- Artin Ghazanfari: Had spent 9 months of his 12 month sentence

- Kayvan Farzi, was sentenced to 2 years and had spent more than 18 months of his sentence.

- Nazanin Hassannia, would have finished her sentence in February, 2011.

- Rouhallah Mirzakhani - Has been in prison since April last year, without ever being sentenced. So the magnanimous Supreme Leader, released him without ever having sentenced him for a crime!

and the list goes on like this. What a supreme Supreme Leader!


nehad ismail said...

A PR stunt.

Der Iraner said...

Azarmehr. Are you against Azeri-Iranians in Iran? If not, dont follow Tangsir, he is racist and doesnt like demcracy but dictatorship-islamophobic andti-turk-arab government.
PS: So far I liked your homepage :)
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Der Iraner said...

Azarmehr, are you against Azeri-Iranians in Iran? If not, dont follow Tangsir, he is racist and doesnt like demcracy but dictatorship-islamophobic andti-turk-arab government.
PS: So far I liked your homepage :)
my email:

Waybec said...

Yeah, I did read about this blanket farce from various other sources... So let's examine all the facts about the 'great' Khamanei regime legacy shall we: 1) Arrests democratc protesters against his fraudulant election and then tries to look magnanimous by releasing them a few weeks early. HA! 2) Gun-runs to despotic Assad and dick-waving Nasrallah by giving them millions and man-power to suppress or even assasinate their own populations calling for democracy. 3) Oversee's a great Muslim 'ethically correct' country where women can be brought as temporary sex slaves - state sanctioned raped or EVEN murdered for having a hair out of place!
4) Get secret booze when ordered with a pizza.
5) Have a whole generation totally destroyed by drugs.
6) Let a natural beauty of a salt lake be totaly wiped from the face of the earth purely by Regime corruption.
7) Iran now apparently the biggest user of Porn internet. And-
8) Buy off bodyguard loyaly via shares in Iranian jobs or industry and say hey - 'you're doing God's work' rather than being brainwashed by a blatant cowardly and murderous tyrant!
Etc Etc... The list can go on and on into financial and political corruption as well as new heights of hypocrisy!
So, some great SPIRTUAL leader Khamanei is indeed eh..? The man who just loves to have beguiled - dressed all in black woman sitting at his feetlike moronic chickens... Like I've always said - Religion is Satan greatest success. And in the hands of that Vulture buzzard Khamanei, I think all the above statements and facts blatantly prove the point!