Saturday, September 10, 2011

Press TV is 'Not Doing its Job Properly'

Press TV was the target of some harsh criticism last week, but this time surprisingly, the criticism was by a website in Iran affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards. Nedaye Enghelab - Message of the Revolution - a news website which reflects the views of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, published an article, Wednesday last week, with the headline, '$25 Million News Network with No News'.

The article's main criticism was Press TV's "weak" coverage of the UK riots or the "uprising of the UK's dispossessed" as it calls it. While Press TV's coverage of the student protests in UK was applauded, the article harshly criticised this $25 Million outfit for not taking more of a lead role in covering UK's "Justice Seeking Protests".

The criticism was directly pointed at the professionalism of the staff at Press TV. 'There can be no excuse of a budget shortage, the problem is purely lack of professionalism', the article categorically stated.

War Against War, is the subheading of this article, which explains why there has been so much investment by the Iranian government in this news network and what is expected from it in return. Below is a translation of the paragraphs after the subheading of War Against War, which explains what was expected of Press TV during the UK riots:

' To match the BBC Persian's 'provocations' during the post-election protests in Iran.

BBC Persian made 31 reports fabricating election fraud in Iran. These reports helped to make many people in Iran disillusioned with the accuracy of the election results. Hence Press TV which has a well equipped office in London, with several English reporters and analysts in its employment, including the former UK MP, George Galloway, who is receiving a huge salary, should have counter acted similarly and covered the UK protests more extensively as well as provided ideological leadership to the protesters.  Had Press TV done this,  not only it would have avenged the British government's role during the 2009 seditions but it would have also provided a pro-active offensive attack in the Soft War against Britain.

The second reason why it was necessary for Press TV to have gained the ideological leadership for the protesters, is Iran's extensive interests in Britain. Currently much of Iran's assets have been frozen in UK banks and the British government has carried out many sanctions against Iran, hence Press TV as the overseas arm of the Iranian government in its Soft War with the enemy had the means to take over the leadership of the protesters in UK to create a background for the Iranian regime to resurrect its interests in UK and be able to barter with the British government.

The most important reason for Press TV to have been more active during the protests however, is the need to support the protests movements across the world that seek justice. Islamic Republic is the flag bearer of the awakening movements in the world and the export of its revolution to the rest of the world. Had Press TV provided more of a leadership during the UK protests, it would have compensated for the weaknesses shown by our diplomatic services during the recent justice seeking movements in the region and beyond the region.

Although undoubtedly, if Press TV was unable to be useful during the recent events in England, this is just the beginning of the road for the English and in a not so distant future, we will witness the English masses raise the flames of their wrath from under the ashes once again. Hence our officials must appoint more committed and competent staff in this network to provide an appropriate reaction in the future events which will unfold on that island'

So there you go, from the horse's mouth itself and despite claims by the likes of Lauren Booth that Press TV is a 'UK registered company' and not led by the Iranian government, it is clear what is expected from this 'News Network'.


Waybec said...

No surprise there then... A clear case of trying to undermine British democracy and society by Public Broadcasting subversion! But hey -certain members within OFCOM probably got a similar kind of memo from the IRI with back handers - so the propaganga subversion behind the nice suits and genial smiles of PressTV presenters will continue in Britain... Just like the casino bankers, the MP expenses scandal, the political Murdoch bribes and the diseffected riots - only WHEN exposed and caught with their trousers down do those in power finally have to admit their red-faced unscrupulous and unconscious failings. Otherwise PressTV under OFCOM's fudging and weasley protection will continue merrily on... Until that is someone thoroughly investigates that something here obviously stinks and really is quite rotten!

Anonymous said...

Lead the rioters? LOL - The Islamist douchebags are even more out of touch with reality than previously thought. Had Press TV attempted to be anywhere near the rioters the only result would have been their staff getting roughed-up and their equipment stolen. Just like a Press TV broadcast these corrupt Islamists are such idiotic amateurs, and just plain pathetic.

Winston said...

Imagine that during WWII the UK gov't had allowed the Nazis to have a media office and representative office in the heart of London to 'counter' or as these morons say "balance" the official policy of the UK government during the war. Or imagine that during the Cold War, Stalin or his successors could have a TV channel in UK to spread their toxic propaganda. The Iranian regime is no different. It can not be allowed to have these propaganda outlets. It should be isolated, restricted and severely penalized for its crimes against its own people and westerners. But I am not keeping my hopes high. After all UK is now a country where radical Islamist Imams get asylum status and are paid by the government. I have lost my faith in the British government. A sad end for a glorious nation/country.