Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Footage from Oroumiyeh’s Clashes on Saturday

Motorbike mounted special units firing at protesters:

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Waybec said...

So d'you think they'll show this on PressTV??? HA -NOT! Again unless you're full of Zionist and American hate, your comments on Press TV's webpage stand little chance. Just like this kind've news within their own back yard! Incidentually one of my comments actually got edited to misrepresnt me on PressTV's webpage. I complained twice to OFCOM with no results. However mine and your voice can be heard on PressTV's YouTube Channel. Aside from the odd reply calling me the usual Zionist pig or lover - which I'm not, other replies are starting to wake up to that channel! So if you wanna make some sort of protest against PressTV and consequently their lord and master dark regime, point out their hypocrisy and lack of objectively. Plus give every on of their programmes on their YouTube Channel the thumbs down simply because they ARE traitors to the majorty and true voice of the Iranian people! Not to mention the Syrian people crying out for democracy too!