Sunday, February 26, 2012

Iran's Supreme Leader, Patrice Lumumba University's Secret Graduate

It is not the first time, it has been claimed that Iran's Supreme Leader has graduated from the former Soviet Union's notorious Patrice Lumumba University, or the University of "Friendship" aka KGB Tech.

A former CIA agent, Clare Lopez was quoted as saying this during an interview:

And a book titled China & Iran by John Garver, also mentions Iran's Supreme Leader to have graduated from the Patrice Lumumba University in 1968

But a program broadcast on Russia Today on 5th February, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the university was the first time this information was confirmed by a Russian source. The Russia Today presenter mentions with much pride- see below 1:41min - two current heads of state as former graduates of the university, Mahmoud Abbas and Ali Khamenei, IR's Supreme Leader.

The consequences of this information can be cataclysmic and once again it goes to prove the unholy alliance between Iran's Communists and Islamists before the 1979 revolution. For it is inconceivable that the Supreme Leader could have studied in the Soviet Union without the puppert Soviet Communist Party of Iran, the Tudeh Party not having facilitated his move to Moscow.

It also explains all the Stalinist methods so diligently deployed by Iran's rulers in the past thirty years.
The current IR Judiciary Spokesperson, Gholam Hossein Ezhei is also said to be in the university's alumni list.


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Anonymous said...

What makes me think that it maybe true is that his brother Hadi Khamenei, went to the USSR university in Baku University in 1960s

Anonymous said...

Dear Potkin, i am an iranian living in Germany and my Name is Human Heydarzadeh. I was just watching Inside Story from Aljazeera with You, Nazanin Ansari and Mr. Mokhtari in Iran. You could clearly see that Mr. Mokhtari would have liked to hang you publicly if he just could and he was very angry that he couldn't do anything. Therefore he was very angry and acted as a victim. It was a good example how these dictators in Iran behave. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I heard from another source a few days ago, some SOviet diplomats that President Obama is a graduate of the university--that he studied there when allegedly he was to have been attending COlumbia....where a Mideast leader bought him an advanced degree. Does anyone have any more info to confirm this?