Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brutality Beyond Words Can Ever Explain

These images are not from Israel, for if they were, there would have been endless marches by the professional revolutionaries in Europe.

A man is fallen and helpless and Syrian troops and henchmen/scum can not get enough of beating a man who is  on the floor

Half of a teenager's face is blown up by an RPG rocket.

For the sake of the people of Syria, stand up to Bashar's brutality and Stop the War Coalition hypocrites.


Waybec said...

Absolutely appalling! It sickens the stomach and the conscience. Damn Assad and all of his currupted medieval/mafioso cronies! I hope you all go to hell! With the UN now just reduced to a game of cynical and political charades, isn't it about time it modernised to properly reflect a higher level of ethics and morality for the people! One country - one vote. Whereby the majority wins! That's a proper Democracy! Not this current outdated World War II state where a mere 5 countrie's vote is holding the rest of the world to ransom, favours and bribes. And therefore - just LITERALLY killing the spread of democracy!

Daniel Brett said...

Not that I am defending the fascist regime in Syria, but if this was caused by an RPG attack it is more likely it came from the rebels rather than the government. It doesn't mean it was intentional, but this is the face of war.

Daniel Brett said...

Actually, the kid had a bullet explode in his jaw and is apparently remarkably still alive. Whoever fired it, it does not matter. The fact is that Homs is under bombardment and ordinary people are the main victims. Al-Assad, originally a medical professional who presumably swore the Hippocratic oath, could stop this immediately but he is devoid of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Oh god in heaven, the picture is grusome, it is just awful. And I agree with Waybec, countries like Russia and China acting in their own narrow interest in the Security Council is terrible. I will tell you this though, when the evil Bashar and his gang of thugs is overthrown, the Russians and Chinese will be persona non-grata in that country. I have recently started a blog to give people more info on the region,

attack on iran said...

This is a stomach-turning photo. It is amazing that a government would do this to their own people. Russia and China bear at least partial responsibility for this. When the Syrian regime falls and Bashar al-Assad and his cronies are consigned to history's dustbin, the new Syrian government should turn a cold shoulder to China and Russia.