Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Full House of 'Useful Idiots' at SOAS on Sunday

Who do the Egyptian people least want to interfere in their internal affairs or lecture them on their revolution?

There will be a whole set of such Western useful idiots and tyranophiles at SOAS this Sunday, like former Saddam stooge, George Galloway,  Bashar Assad supporter Communist, Andrew Murray, another member of Communist Party of Britain, Kate Hudson and another Marxist supporter of Ahmadinejad and Guardian columnist, Seumas Milne.

But Western Marxists and tyranophiles wouldn't feel comfortable without some Islamic extremist sitting next to them in a panel and who better than Kamal El-Helbawy, a big time admirer of the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader.

Egyptian ex-pats would do well, if they turn up to this event and tell this mob that they are not welcome to lecture them on their revolution.


Waybec said...

Not so much 'useful idiots' as totally cynical platform loving two-faced ego's! -Those who enjoy and bask in all the cosy perks of the West by pontificating up against it! Ha... Still, even in Iran, the perk riddled two-faced ego's are now also hard at it too. With Ahmandinejad being the first IRI president to be summoned before their so-called parliament, the blame game before the next sham Iranian elections have already began. They too are also looking for their useful idiot's to desperately get them of the hook once the next vast outpouring of Iranian rage comes. And judging by the extra spin and twist of the Regime's propaganda these days - you get the feeling that even THEY know that next time they won't be able to stop it!!!

Anonymous said...

The same "Americans" who approve of the police pepper spraying, beating, and imprisoning OWS for exercising their right to peacefully protest will also be turning in Real Patriots who battle the emerging communism in America ( The world has seen all this before. In colonial America most colonists believed the British propaganda about our Forefathers being crazies and terrorists. They helped the Red Coats capture many of them. In communist Russia, informers and government laplickers were everywhere. Ditto for Nazi Germany. Their kind will do anything to ingratiate themselves to the authorities and save their own skins. These people try to convince us THEY'RE the real patriots because they "stand behind America", but they're just the opposite. America wouldn't be descending into communism if it weren't for their stupidity. REMEMBER, COMMUNISTS AND NAZIS DON'T PUT PEOPLE AWAY FOR TELLING LIES, IT'S FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. Finally, OWS and RON PAUL'S GENUINE ORIGINAL TEA PARTY have one very important thing in common: They both know the "jewish" bankers are behind most of the world's economic, political, and social problems and have been for a very long time (

DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: "When a government outlaws 'terrorism', it's planning something for which 'terrorism' is the only recourse. Obviously."