Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tribute to Marie Colvin

Intrepid journalists change the world. One picture, one footage or just one report can prick the world's conscience so much so, that the sheer weight of international public opinion they mobilise will bring about change.

My favourite quote has always been "Evil only prevails, when the good remain silent' and it is thanks to all the courageous journalists that sometimes the good do not remain silent and sometimes evil does not prevail.

In 1991, when Charles Wheeler reported Saddam's brutal quashing of the Kurdish uprising, it did that very awakening for the world's conscience, and ultimately brought about the "safe haven" for the Kurds in Iraq. That Wheeler report laid the foundations of the safe stable democracy we see today in the Kurdish Regional Government.

I hope this tear jerking report by Marie Colvin, will also help mobilise the international public opinion to finally bring peace to Syria and end the brutal Ba'thist rule in Syria. May be the world will share the grief of this grandmother working as a nurse in this make shift Syrian hospital when she is overcome with grief as she sees her own grand child.

What better tribute to Marie Colvin, than that?

Bashar Assad supporters at Stop the War Coalition rally in London, with Ba'athist flags and Bashar's pictures: