Thursday, March 09, 2006

Islamic Republic uses Washington Post Instead of State TV for Propaganda Against Iranian Dissidents

Staged Islamic Republic State TV confession shows of dissidents in Iran, extracted under immense duress, physical and mental torture are nothing new. The Islamic Republic has used such Stalinistic methods ever since its establishment. Hardly any dissidents have been able to resist the inhumane pressure put on them to appear on these shows and repeat the scenarios given to them to read.

These staged TV shows by now however, have little credibility amongst the Iranian population. The interrogators in the Islamic Republic prisons proudly tell their victims "We can make a bear confess to being a rabbit". The Iranian population knows too well how these confessions are extracted and pay no attention to the regime's propaganda. Hence the Islamic Republic is now shifting its focus to the gullible "liberal" audience in the US and the world. The stage is no longer the Islamic Republic state TV but Western media such as the Washington Post.

One year ago, two Iranian human rights activists attended a human rights conference outside Iran. These were Ali Afsahi and Kamali. The former was a seminary student in Qom who was defrocked by the Special Court for Clergy for his activities, and the later is the nephew of another well known Iranian human rights activist, Emadeddin Baghi. The two returned to Iran after the conference, one year ago, and were not harmed or questioned by the Iranian authorities.

Ali Afsahi was arrested on February 12th this year in connection with the conference one year ago, He was not charged, was denied visits by family and lawyer, and tortured heavily. He was forced to say the reason for him attending the conference was to receive cash and training for espionage from the US. Kamali received similar treatment. Both were forced to write down their false confessions.

Baghi's wife and young daughter were also imprisoned last week. In return for their release, Baghi had to reluctantly appear in an arranged "chance meeting" with Washington Post correspondent, Karl Vick and present to him the confessions made by Afsahi and Kamali.

Karl Vick, not seeing the full picture and how he is being used, is about to publish his "exclusive breaking news". The Islamic Republic will now use the anti-Bush liberal media as its latest propaganda tool. Its a great shame how some journalists, in their quest for "breaking news" and enjoying the anti-Bush support, can be duped in such a way as to harm peaceful and pacifist Iranian dissidents and cause so much misery.


Anonymous said...

You can view the "confessions" here:

The first two men were hung last week in Ahwaz City. They were accused of being Wahabbi Sunni extremists - although the Arabs in Khuzestan are Shia - and three others shown confessing to bomb attacks in 2005 and 2006 have been in a high security prison since 2000! These three are serving 35 year sentences but are about to be re-tried for the recent bombings and executed for War Against God - a crime that will see them hung or crucified (yes, the regime is learning from what the Romans did to the Jews). Did they escape, set off the bombs and then crawl back into prison unnoticed?

What do the SWP and Rostami have to say? Ach, it does not matter as they just copy and paste whatever is published by IRNA. They are separatists, extremists, British agents, Zionists, Sunni fundamentalists, Ba'athists, Canadians, employees of Shell Oil or whatever enemy the mullahs have made this week

Anonymous said...

Thank you for psoting this story. wish other bloggers give a link to this news asap.

Winston said...

You should see how stupid reformist and regime defenders refer to the WashPost article as an evidence.

Just check Nikahang Kowsar blog or Hoder and u will find out

Anonymous said...

Another typical reaction by the self-exiles "opposition"; sitting comfortably abroad, blogging happily without any sense of danger, and dreaming that this will result in a regime change. The self-exiled opposition should be sensitive to the dangers faced by those who oppose the regime from inside. Take a look at another account of the "effectiveness" of the new US policy at

Azarmehr said...

A group of Iranian human rights activists are harmed and tortured by the clerics in Iran, so that IRI can publish a story in the Washington Post, and the blame falls once again on "self-exiles "opposition"; sitting comfortably abroad, blogging happily without any sense of danger"

Can you please tell us exactly where you are sitting instead of posting anonymous posts?