Friday, March 31, 2006

Turkish Authorities Want to Deport Iranian Blogger

Ahmad (Chosen Iranian Name, Aryo) Seraji, the Iranian blogger who escaped to Turkey faces deportation to the Islamic Republic by the Turkish authorities.

The authorities in Turkey (what Azeri separatist on Gunaz TV like to call "Turkish brothers") want to prosecute Aryo for illegal entry into Turkey. Aryo managed to escape Islamic Republic prison four months ago and cross the border into Turkey.

Aryo, an Iranian Azeri like myself, will face certain jail if he is deported back to Iran. He received 30 lashes and was beaten up severely, spent six months in Tabriz prison alongside drug addicts and common criminals. He was due to have been tried again for further charges and faced another 3 years in prison.

Previous Blog on Aryo.


ayhan said...

many people in turkey dont know that many people talks a turkish dialect in iran. they think all the people as iranian. so you cannot blame turkish authorities.
if he is an azeri who hates turks like you , what can we do?
Iran and turkiye is two great country and they have offical aggreements. you cannot expect governments to behave personal.this issues are offical.

I have a news for you to be happy. Gunaz tv quits Turksat satellite by iran pressure on many turkish speaking people in iran will not be able to watch this tv as they watch gunaz tv primarily on turksat satellite with other turjkish channels
. so you see, there are things offical. so your opinion that turkey backs this tv is wrong.

I am sorry for the blogger who escaped iran and refuged to turkey. I hope turkish authorities do not give him back to iran. but things are not going with is politic and offical.there are agreements. iran deportes people to turkey who acts against turkey so the turkish government has to do the same.

Azarmehr said...

I dont think I ever said Turkey backs Gunaz TV, did I?

what you say about official agreements is ture and it proves my point that governments have their own interest at heart. Our Azeri population should not be under any illusion that leaving Iran and joining Turkey or Aliev's kingdom will solve their problems. In fact they will be worse off.

Curt Hopkins said...

Azarmehr: I wanted to ask you what has become of Aryo? We covered him when he had escaped from prison and was though to be heading for the border. We took a long break and are back and are curious as to whether he is still in Turkey and if he is alright. - Curt from Committee to Protect Bloggers