Thursday, March 30, 2006

VOA Persian Remove the Un-Iranian Emblem

Finally, after a lot of protests by Iranian patriots, VOA Persian decided to remove the trantula emblem of the Islamic Republic from their Iran related news website.


Iranian patriots should fight to remove this un-Iranian symbol, wherever they come across it, and whenever they can. Whether on websites, in shops, businesses, "cultural" events, sporting events, ... The un-Iranian trantula should never represent Iran or Iranians.

Well done to all those who took part in the protest.


Anonymous said...

right on potkin! keep up the good work. your friend

Azarmehr said...

Right on all those people who protested to VOA about the use of trantula emblem.

Anonymous said...

Right on VOA! Put the picture of Uncle Sam in the center and subtitle 'Uncle Sam is Great'. Who gives a fluk that 95% of Iranians are Muslim and that the emblem says something about their faith and identity. Thank God we have VOA, MKO, Royalists, etc. as viable opposition who can lead us. We want to be secular like Turkey, Egypt, etc. .. How am I doing guys?