Wednesday, March 15, 2006

John Hutton, A Failure on All Accounts

If you had to pick the worst performing British government cabinet member, who would be your choice? I don't even have to think about it. I will tell you straight away, John Hutton, Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions.

John Hutton, is responsible for the mess they call the Child Support Agency. He is responsible for an anti-father agency that acts as judge, jury and the executioner. An agency which does not have the best interest of the child at heart but is target driven to collect as much money from soft target dads. An agency whose staff are taught to lie, even about their own rules and regulations, to bear more pressure on the soft target fathers, so that the agency can massage their figures.
John Hutton is responsible for so much misery caused to so many children and to so many fathers.

Today, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, has found the Department for Work & Pensions guilty of maladministration, saying official guidance on company pension schemes had been "inaccurate, incomplete, unclear and inconsistent".

The Ombudsman's 254-page report, states that the government's "maladministration" had "caused injustice to a large number of people who, as a result, lost the opportunity to make informed choices about their future". It says DWP leaflets gave a misleading impression of the security of company pension schemes.

John Hutton audaciously says, "there was no evidence that these leaflets were inaccurate or incomplete."


The leaflets told scheme members that they would receive the full value of their accrued rights if their scheme wound up and/or that the Minimum Funding Requirement was designed to ensure that schemes had enough assets to meet their liabilities in full.

How much more misleading does John Hutton want to be?

Its his Department of Works and Pensions that is also denying so many British victims of terrorist attacks overseas, adequate help or compensation.

John Hutton is responsible for having caused so much misery on so many people. He is completely out of his depth for the job. In fact he has hardly ever had a real job. The man has been a lecturer in NewCastle Poly before becoming a career politician. Hardly a job that would give him the necessary experience for running the DWP.

Rarely have I seen a public figure in Britain, who has been such a total failure on just about all accounts.

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