Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cry! You are on TV

Here is an example of the hypocrisy of the mullahs, I have always despised - the champions of SWP in the fight against US imperialism :))

It is a Shiite mourning ceremony, the faithful are taken in by all the nonsense blared out from the pulpit, but the mullah in the movie is busy grooming his beard and moustache and probably eyeing up the young boys in the congregation, until of course, when the camera is zoomed on him. Within a second of noticing the camera, the old fox breaks into tears to show his piety to the Muslim nation! Pathetic creatures.


Aryamehr said...


Anonymous said...

Lets assume this was indeed an authentic video, what does it prove?

I can point you to a number of priests in the UK who have turned out to be paedophiles. What reflection is that on the church as a whole?

Is this video a significant weapon in your armory? to me it looks like a joke video created by pranksters.


Winston said...

did you hear about this?

Thought it might be of your interest as well...

Anonymous said...

Here is another filth

Hanif Leylabi said...

Why are you pandering to racists? This is the kind of thing the BNP come out with. Maybe you'd like to join their Sikh useful idiot and star in their election broadcasts.

Azarmehr said...

Please observe everyone, Hanif a member of SWP, a follower of Marx who once siad religion is the opioum of the masses, thinks criticising the hypocricy of the clerics is pandering to the racists!!!

Thank you Hannif for showing SWP for what they really are :)

Hanif Leylabi said...

I didn't say that criticising religion was wrong.

Assuming someone is a paedophile because they are a Mullah is wrong and is something the BNP HAS said in the past!

Marx also said that religion was the soul to a soulless world and the Bolsheviks worked closely with Muslims in Russia. Actually.

Azarmehr said...

"Long live the Soviets, Long live the Sharia" :))

I also remember how the Tudeh Party used to suck up to the mullahs, always writing Imam Khomeini in bold letters, and the funniest thing was when I once read in their weekly Mardom, denying their athiest roots saying how one of their founders, Soleiman Mirza, never forgot to perform his daily prayers and Ramadan fasts. At the end, when the Mullahs didn't need them any more, they too got wiped away but not until they had grassed up thousands of other young innocent Iranian Communists from other organisations leading to their imprisonemnet and often execution.
Pathetic policies, tried, tested and failed miserably many times over!