Monday, May 22, 2006

Stop the War Coalition, Elaheh Rostami and Tudeh Party

Here is a list of events held by Stop the War Coalition:

There seems to be lots of activities against the Egyptian government and the way judges are treated in Egypt. All well and good I say. An independent judiciary is a major pillar of democracy but why no meetings or campaigns to condemn the imprisonment of lawyers in the Islamic Republic of Iran? Shouldn't lawyers feel safe to defend their clients? Of course the reason is simple. The Egyptian government in the eyes of the Stop the War Coalition is pro-American but the Islamic Republic of Iran is anti-American. In their simple minds, anything pro-American is bad and anything anti-American is good!

Most interesting however is the meeting on Tuesday 23rd of May. Look at the panel, Elaheh Rostami - the known stooge of the Ayatollahs in London - and the Tudeh Party! (The pro-Soviet Union Communist Party of Iran). I wonder, is that going to be the entire Tudeh Party? I mean both of their members?? :) Why no name from the disgraced Tudeh Party?

The disgraced Tudeh Party supported the invasion of Iran by the Soviet Red Army during the Second World War, The disgraced Tudeh Party supported the cessation of the for ever Iranian province of Azarbijan to be annexed with the Soviet renaming of the Aran province, the disgraced Tudeh Party supported the pro-Soviet Union concession on the Iranian oil industry, the disgraced Tudeh Party supported the Ayatollahs to come to power. The disgraced Tudeh Party supported the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The disgraced Tudeh Party of Iran helped the Ayatollahs execute thousands of sympathisers of other groups including teenagers and pregnant women.
Now the disgraced Tudeh Party Soviet puppets are guests of the Stop the War Coalition alongside the latest puppet of the Ayatollahs, Elaheh Rostami. I suppose it makes sense, puppets and stooges always feel comfortable alongside each other.

Tuesday 23 May: Don't Attack Iran meeting . 7.30pm Room 15 House of Commons . Speakers: Chair Jeremy Corbyn, Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition), Dr Elaheh Rostami Povery (Action Iran), Kate Hudson (CND Chair), Tudeh Party of Iran.


Winston said...

freaking stupid commies.

I do hate them for what they are

Anonymous said...

u know what? are sick baby!