Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Personal Insult

Here is something that exposes the backward mentality of the so called Azeri separatists. I have had something like 92 comments on my piece about the Gunaz TV Twaddle. Read the latest comment I have had from some blogger who calls himself/herself Azarweb:

"azermehr you are really a "madarjende" I did not want to use this word but it best suits you. Turks saved your mothers and sisters from saddams soldiers rape but now you are using "turke khar".next time we will not save your mothers and sisters, we will fuck them and you too."

Typical backward attitude. If you can't measure up in a debate, insult the other person's family members! And a few misguided brainless individuals think the land of Aturpat will be run better by these people. Dream on!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you do the same to others. To be fair, you don't use swear words but you insult and accuse with hardly any evidence or justification.

When you do that, you portray an image similar to this guy who sounds obviously very frustrated.

Azarmehr said...

show me where I insulted someone's family and I close down this site

Anonymous said...

You have called people arseholes which is worst than insulting their family.

And there are other examples which clearly bring out your lack of manners.

Don't close this site because it has some useful purposes. It provides a good view of how some frustrated Iranians feel. I guess manners is of second importance.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Parham, writing this comment to agree and diagree with you in some cases.
first disagree: it's better you to change your idea about secular Iran, Iran will never become secular and you and all the people like you will be the losers,respectfully.
Agree: I am an Azari, I was searching the web that I found your blogger and some stupid, non sceintific, non logical and cheap comments on our dear Azarbayjan. I can genetically fix this idea that the people Azarbayjan and north Iran (N. Azarbayjan) have many racial similarities with indoeuropeans. I don't want to talk about it alot but some researches in Northern Iran(N.Azarbayjan) shows that, the people of this region are regularly mixed of Iranians (indoeuropean), Armenians, Georgians, Turks, Kurds, Samians, Lezgians, and some other Kafkaz races. But their genetic similarity to indoeuropeans is more than 70%. And a research by Dr. Bonabi from Cambrige in Iranian Azarbayjan shows that the people of this region are regularly mixed of indoeuropeans,Kurds,some of their sami ancestors,Turks and finally Kafaz. But the genetic similarity to indoeuropeans is more than 85%.
Of course, this means we are from the Iranian and indoeuropean origin but this does not mean that we should put away our current language, I mean Turkish Azeri and use Persian instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Parham again, I think the most important problem of Azerbaijan is forgotten but some hands from behind the scene are working to divide Iran into several parts and one of those hidden hands is controlled by damned US governors and its allies who don't like to see the unity of Great Iran and they do it with some terrorist supporters like Gunaz and other Pan-Turkist not logical people, some close minded Baluches and Kurds and.... They see the truth but they don't want to accept it, and we will never withdraw and fight against them. We are sons of Aturpat, Great Kurosh and Babak, Great Sattarkhan and we are the sons of mother of Iran.