Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Latest Report on Iran's Bus Drivers Leader

Latest reports from Iran suggest that the leader of Iran's bus Drivers Trade Union, Mansour Ossanlou, is still incarcerated in the section 2 of the Evin prison. He is taken on an almost daily basis to division 14 of the interrogation unit, where the interrogators are exerting their pressure methods on Ossanlou to make him "confess" he has links with foreign powers. In the last 5 months Ossanlou has been imprisoned, he has suffered from dermatological problems and stomach bleeding.

Ossanlou still hasn't been charged and is on remand but the authorities refuse to grant him bail.


Chester said...

Have you seen this? I'm sorry. It's very graphic.


Azarmehr said...

Just imagine if he was in Guantanamo, the Western media and the SWP would have a field day, but since he is Iranian, not much interest. Makes you sick.

Winston said...

Michael Ledeen spread the word