Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Face of an Idiot

Look at this idiot, Shahla Shahangian! She is obviously not an Islamist, but more likely a member of the elite in the previous regime. One of those who enjoyed all the priviliges but when the going got tough, were amongst the first to pack their bags, take out their unearned wealth and flee Iran to LA.

Now she is displaying the Islamic Republic flag, knowing what it stands for.

Typical trait of the elite of the old establishment, lets suck up to whoever is in power, no matter what!


Unknown said...

She reminds me of the remaining elite of Saddam's regime, who miss the days of getting their bottoms wiped, while their fellow countrymen are suffering and dying.

Anonymous said...

These people are too stupid to see the contradictions, and as long as the majority do not try to see what is plainly in front of them and instead delude themselves with "reformollahi" delusions, the state of affairs will remain as is. Islamic Republic is NOT Iran, this is what needs to be understood and taken seriously before anything else...

Hanif Leylabi said...

My father and brother just returned from the world cup and they said that Sheer o Khorshid flags were banned inside the stadium and that you cut only take them in if you cut the sheer o khorshid out of the middle!

They also said that almost everyone inside and outside the stadium was singing Ey Iran.

Azarmehr said...

Hanif, After 27 years, I have not come across a single Iranian, even an ardent Hezbollahi, who can sing the Islamic Republic anthem :)
Of course a lot of Iranians unknowingly carry the IRI flag but thats just typical Iranian laziness or simply like the ones I met they just said they didnt have a Sun and Lion flag and wanted to wave some flag.

How absurd of the German police not allowing Sun and Lion flags, this just goes to show that Europe wants to keep the mullahs, they are more beneficial for them.

Anonymous said...

Football is a sport and should not be politicised. Why idiots like Azermhr don't understand this.

This lady is simply displaying the flag of her country.

Islamic Republic may not be everyone's liking but IS Iran.

Azarmehr said...

This is precisely why you are such an idiot and wish to remain anonymous. There is nothing on that flag which represents Iran. That flag represents a foreign culture, intolerance, backwardness and evil. You know it and so does that idiot woman in her designer sun glasses. But what is important to both of you is to compromise with whoever is in power no matter what. One day if Iran is to prosper, the likes of you should be weeded out.

Anonymous said...

You still don't understand it, do you? Football is a sport.

As for being weeded out, when Iran prospers, idiots like you who don't understand Iran and put up other people's photos on their web log (without their consent) should be put in cages. At the moment you are safe because molahs want idiots like you to chatter.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to all of you !
Obviously, in Potkin's dictionary everybody but himself is an idiot.

The conclusions that he dives into blind-folded are typical of him.

How on earth did you find out that the lady belongs to old Shah's regime? So ! you are either from the Sheikh or from the Shah?

You are not only a sad anarchist, but also a very sad and bitter man who attacks anything and anybody that he does not like. GROW UP

Azarmehr said...

Football is a sport, the flag is pure politics. As for not having their consent, my heart bleeds for them. Aaaah!

Azarmehr said...

She certainly does not look like an Islamist, I am not sure if she was one of the priviliged elite of the pre-1979 era, I am guessing and expressing how I feel about most of them.

Anonymous said...

You probably don't realise it but you are doing the mullahs a great favour by portraying the outside opposition as a brainless bunch of idiots.

I think you have a psychological issue which you need to address before returning to armchair politics again.

Long live freedom and monarchy.

Anonymous said...

You obviusoy know Potkin very well.

He is a master of diving into conclusions. He calls anyone who does not agree with him an islamic apologist or suppoter of IR.

I have also noticed that he is a very bitter man and this weblog is just a way of letting his own personal steam out.

Javeed Iran

Azarmehr said...

You think the way you want and I think the way I want. If you think you should stay silent when Iranians unknowingly wave the Islamic Republic flag then its your problem.

One thing is for sure though, monarchy the way you lot wanted it, i.e. positions of privilige not by merit but by personal relationships and favours will never come back.

Azarmehr said...

anonymous - who knows the other anonymous who thinks he/she knows me - you are right, I am very bitter.

I am bitter that my country is in the hands of a bunch of backward clerics and the likes of you had all those rights and priviliges but through your stupidity, detachment from reality and cowardness handed it over to the mullahs.

You are so gutless, you even have to appear as anonymous on the comment board of my blog. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

There we go again. This idiot is reaching conclusions again. How do you know I had priviliges etc? etc? which I handed over to mullahs? !!! I was 10 years old when the revolution happened? and my father was a simple engineer.

You cannot conduct a sensible logical discussion never mind anything else.

What difference does it make what my name is? If you have to know my name is Behnam and you do not know me. Do you feel better now?

Down with people like you who ruin the name of opposition.

Azarmehr said...

Well if there are 10 anonymous each making a comment then I don't know who is who. One thinks I am an anarchist, one says long live monarchy, if you have names then messages wont get confused.

Also when did I say you (Behnam?) had priviliges?
Here is what I said again for those who have reading problems:
"One thing is for sure though, monarchy the way you lot wanted it, i.e. positions of privilige not by merit but by personal relationships and favours will never come back. "
As we were talking about those who had it all, enjoyed it, ran away and now dont want to do anything, even if it means waving a suna nd lion flag in a football match.

You have a guilty conscience Behnam(?), or are you Cyrus Madani who works for British Council? You have very similar style of writing and arguments.

Also you seem to think of yourself as opposition since you say:
"Down with people like you who ruin the name of opposition"
So let us know which opposition you support. what/who is a good opposition to Mullahs?

Anonymous said...

this really the face of an idiot, in toronto at least for one flag like this there were 30 flags just saying Iran or with Shiro Khorshid. good commentary and truly a loser who doesn't know what the flag she is waving symbolized, or chooses to ignore it. hey all she cares about is perhaps,I hope I look pretty in this photograph. This is a message from an attractive iranian woman who at least uses her brain B4 waving a flag that symbolizes the suffering of so many in her homeland. calling her an idiot is an understatement.

Winston said...

I saw only 2-3 ONION design flag of IRI in Toronto this pas week. The rest had Lion & Sun over their car rooftops or bldgs/houses or shops.

Lion & Sun is the genuine Iranian flag!

Anonymous said...

Hi every1,
I'm new to this blog as I just discovered it googling on something completely different!

@azarmehr: I appreciate your blog and ideas, damet garm. But if you condemn the I.R. flag as symbol of intolerance (amongst other evil things) then maybe you should display more tolerance, and be less judgemental yourself. I saw that picture on first and my immediate reaction was, strange/ I noticed the same contradiction as you did. But
again, so what?? Calling that lady "idiot" is immature and narrowminded and below someone who advocates democracy and progress. You don't know her background, personal beliefs or IQ-score nor do you know the the circumstances where/when that picture was taken

BTW: I was lucky to attend the Iran-Portugl match in Frankfurt myself, there was no restriction on that occassion on shir-o-khorshid flag what so ever as I carried one myself. My seat/ticket was in the section dedicated to the Iranian Football Association, the leftovers of the tickets sold in Iran were ditributed by IR embassy in Germany among the Iranian expat community in Germany/Europe. So you had people coming straight from Iran and expats from all over mixed together..... many reesh-o- pashmi's and hejabi's of all sorts were sitting next to pierced, boob/nose job, barbie doll like Persian princesses.... it was surreal and peculiar, and you know what, for once it did not matter, nobody cared, no one focused on the differences and just cheerd team Melli waving different kind of flags.

Azarmehr said...

democracy does not mean we should appease traitors. She is not a poor illiterate woman, she has travelled from LA to Germany to watch football, she should know what it means waving that flag and what it represents.

Rather than feeling sorry for this idiot, for once feel sorry for the victims of the Islamic Republic.

Think of those children who shared the prison with their mothers, and spent their childhood inside the prison compounds, watched their mothers being taken away for torture and interrogation, and saw them coming back bleeding and wounded.


Anonymous said...

Please add these photos to your reportage. These show real Iran lovers regardless of flag.


Azarmehr said...

Only an ignorant "Iran Lover" would wave the Islamic Republic flag.

Anonymous said...

You just don't get it, do you? Read Reza's entry one more time. Perhaps you will understand it second time.

You are yourself showing intolerance towards others and this is not good for shir-o-khorshid.


Azarmehr said...

Aaaah what a tolerant little boy you are! Pregnant women and children were executed and you remained stum, and now you are so concerned about these idiots who wave around a flag which is stained in teh blodd of our best sons and daughters!

Arash Shahangian said...

You show yourselves to be ignorant and judgemental. You have no actual information about this woman whom you slander. Even armed with information, you do not have the right to slander. Those of you who claim to be Muslim would do well to stop your judgmentalism, which goes very much against both the spirit and the letter of Islam. By the way, I do have information about her. She is my mother and did not leave Iran during the cultural revolution and actually came from a lower middle-class family in Iran, with no ties to either the Shah's regime or to the Islamic regime. She does not at all agree with the current regime, nor that past one. She is merely proud of her country, and expressing that pride through waving the current flag of the country as it is.

Azarmehr said...

Its not slander. Its an opinion based on the facts that you yourself have represented.
"She does not at all agree with the current regime, nor that past one. She is merely proud of her country, and expressing that pride through waving the current flag of the country as it is."

That is just clear sheer ignorance and stupidity about our country's identity and flag. The Sun and Lion flag is nothing to do with the "past regime".

If she does not agree with the current regime, she should not be waving a flag that SPECIFICALLY represents the "current regime". Its like someone living during the Nazis in Germany and waving a Swastika flag but saying at the same time "I do not agree with the Nazis"!!! An idiotic statement beyond any shadow of the doubt.